FFX: Love It or Hate It?

Love it or hate it?

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lol i loved it... it was great

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FF10 was a nice game, however the script fell flat sometimes there was a really nice story there so give it to us how it is intended not through immature lines and not repeat the same plot point 10 times just to draw out cut scenes

battle system was nice i like this more easy going wait time system

blitz-ball sucked because i never took the time to learn it lol

Tidus was a stupid jock he acted cheesy and stupid all the way til the end
So sorry for this long post, but I really can't get why people seem to love FFX so much (and how they can dislike FFX-2 so much). Are there actually those who enjoy playing Blitzball for 20 hours, winning every game with 10-0? Are there those who find it fun to fight 200 Earth Eaters or dodging 200 lightning bolts? I just don't get it.

FFX is my favorite of all time so I want to answer your question personally. Before you mentioned there are different types of gamers, or different types of FF gamers. You are the kind that likes to explore and find treasures, spells, weapons, etc. I'm not that type of gamer. I actually find that type of gaming to be boring and a chore. Unless it's a really, really good weapon or spell....I'm not going to bother with it. I may occasionally deviate from the story to travel around the world map in older games. But this is usually for me to level up a bit and occasionally find some goodies. But I don't seem to do this as often as other gamers. Other gamers make a huge deal over whether a game is "open world" or "too linear". I honestly can't understand why people make a big deal over these two things (for the record, I am impartial to XIII. I know XIII was probably the most linear game of them all but that wasn't my problem with it. I really don't mind linearity. My problem was the story, lack of character progression, and I generally didn't care too much for the characters themselves, the lack of towns, plus other little things.).

From what you mentioned: I think I'm the type of gamer who's in it for the story and the challenge. Or the battle systems themselves. My favorite battle systems in the series include turn based and ATB. But I absolutely loved FFX's use of Conditional Turn Based. It's one of my favorite in the series. But my absolute favorite battle system would actually be the sequel, X-2. It was fast paced and strategic with the use of dresspheres.

So, why do I love X so much? The story, the battle system, the challenge of bosses like Penance, and accomplishing the minigames that others find annoying. I remember how happy I was when I got a score of 0.00 in the chocobo race. Or the first time I dodged 205 bolts in a row. Granted, when I replay FFX I usually skip over these parts considering I've done it a few times and now it's gotten old (lol)....but the first time? I loved the challenge. As for blitzball: it's a fun side game I play when I'm getting tired of battling. I don't take it as seriously as others.

I respect your opinion on FFX. I just personally can't see how anyone can hate it. Just like you can't imagine why anyone would love it. But I do have to disagree with you on one point.....you claim that much of FFX's music is crap. I honestly don't know how to reply to that.
Ahh Final Fantasy X. One of my favorites by far (excluding FF VIII and FF VII). I loved everything about this game, Wakka really annoyed the hell out of me half way through but i got over that pretty quickly. I loved the system of where you get all your abilities and strength, magic and other upgrades, the graphics for it's time were amazing (In the Europe version, if you looked on the back it says something like "enhanced facial system", that amazed the hell out of me, then PS3 came out -_-) I really could not point out a bad point in this game so I'd give it a 9/10.
Love it. My favorite FF game out of the series. Everything about it I just loved, the characters, the locations, the storyline, the gameplay, all of it. I thought the Sphere Grid System was a nice switch-up from the normal "Levelling-up" system from some of the previous games and also gave a bit of variety as well as choice to the player as in which direction to move to and which attribute to level up on.

In my opinion, the characters are all unique in their own way compared to one another. I didn't find one of them dull and boring, not even Kimahri who rarely talks throughout the game. Another point that even more makes me love this game is the fact that I grew up around it throughout my childhood and still have memories of playing it when I was still very young. xD The battle system is also something I liked about the game, I wasn't too keen on the whole ATB system from the previous few games, although it kept the player "on the ball" during the battle, I prefer a system that gives you time to plan out and think up a strategical way to combat and overcome the enemy, which, to me, steps up the mark in terms of combat in the FF Series.

In terms of sound and music, I think that the soundtrack is one of the best in the series, with several memorable and catchy pieces being played throughout and I also liked the variation and sample pieces of "To Zanarkand", such as "Sprouting" and the "Ending Theme". On the whole, I'd say nearly all the aspects on the game were "spot on" and perfect to me and for that, I love it. ^_^
I like it but it does have some downsides towards it.

> You can easily tell that Square was new to VAing and it shows with Yuna and Tidus's Va's mostly. You can also tell that most of the VA's didn't really know much of the FF world or video gaming all together, it all feels noobish in the VA field.

> Seymour could of been a much better villain but instead he just worse and less effective over time and plus there was way too many battles with him making battling Seymour less effective with each fight. Sad because the first two fights with Seymour feels revengeful, exciting and adrenaline pumping. The 3rd is annoying and obnoxious and the only good thing about the 4th one is the music.

> It could of had a open world and controllable airship and instead of a straight path it could of gone less linear like have different options and you'll trigger different scenes depending on what path you go down adding to reply ability.

> The love scene in the lake while Suteki na De plays. I'm sorry but I don't find it sad or romantic at all but instead just really cheesy, I know that this is a well-loved moment in FF history but it just feels cheesy and forced to me. I'm sorry.

> Seymour again, at the beginning when he's really stalkish.

Though it has a excellent soft soundtrack, amazing battle system and leveling up system, wonderful and emotional storyline and good character growth .

when they release the HD version they BETTER include the Dark Aeons and such. I'll be pissshed off if they don't.

I know that this is a old post but the point still stands. I loathe the Dark Aeons in the European version of FFX, because they're annoying. Because of them I can't get extra items, secret weapons, Jecht Spheres and anything else that would usually be a quick grab. Why ? Because there is a friggen beast of boss fight in the way that usually ends up in instant death ! I just want to get the Magus Sisters summon and Anima ! And because of them I can't ! :hmph:

I would trade my copy for a copy of the American version.
I love it, of course. After IX, it's my favorite Final Fantasy. The story was great (and sad as heck), and the characters were all very interesting -- and very human. The world was intriguing and beautiful as well, there are certain parts of the world that I can just sit and stare at while I'm playing.
Being the first FF on the PS2 was a huge jump for the FF series. The added voice acting and the graphics for its time was simply amazing. It was one of my first PS2 games and boy, it blew me away! I was hugely impressed with everything that went into the game. :-) I adored all the main characters, I loved the plot and I loved Yuna x Titus as well :-) the only thing that disappointed me was the linear kind of style that the previous FF's didn't have :hmmm: I was use to being able to roam anywhere at anytime. That's about the only thing I can really complain about. It was different from the rest of the series and set FF to a whole new level of greatness. fantastic game. c:
When I first played it, my standards for RPG - or any game for that matter - were completely low. I really just wanted to have fun and enjoy the characters and be nerdy enough to wish I could be one of them or something. Final Fantasy X more than satisfied me.

It was the only game that kept me obsessed with it for years. I mean, Legend of Legaia was pretty fucking close, but X really did me in.

Things are a lot different now, and even though I can't enjoy it like I did before (I must've replayed it about 50 times, maybe even more - no exaggeration - so I overdid it a bit) I still love it, if not only for nostalgic reasons. It's a great game, but in order to fully enjoy it, you'd need to be able to appreciate the cheese that comes along with it; which seeps into the voice acting, the love story, the writing, a lot of it. But it's wonderful.
I love Final Fantasy X. In my opinion its the second best in the series after VII.

The soundtrack was beautiful, the storyline was interesting enough to keep me wanting to progress through the game, the battle system was simple and fun, and if you had the PAL version of the game you also had extras like the Dark Aeons to keep yourself amused after beating the game.

FFX was a masterpiece and will most likely go down as the last good Final Fantasy game.
Love it! It's the one among all the FF installments that has the most admirable character developments. The only downfall of it in my opinion is that the game is kind of short. That if you don't play the sidequests you can beat the game in a short period of time.
i'm pleased they picked this one to remake in hd simply because I thought the original ps2 graphics were poorly conceived and applied. the hd remake is THE version of this game to get imo and the original should be passed up. again, it still remains a final fantasy game I don't like much but the hd version does make it a bit more palatable.
i'm pleased they picked this one to remake in hd simply because I thought the original ps2 graphics were poorly conceived and applied. the hd remake is THE version of this game to get imo and the original should be passed up. again, it still remains a final fantasy game I don't like much but the hd version does make it a bit more palatable.

You thought the graphics were poor????
it was one of the first PS2 game released, ofc they didnt find the exact maximum of what the ps2 was capable of. I to this day think the graphics of FFX are one of the best ever released for the PS2. and even go as far as saying one of the best for a launch day release of any console ever.
You thought the graphics were poor????
it was one of the first PS2 game released, ofc they didnt find the exact maximum of what the ps2 was capable of. I to this day think the graphics of FFX are one of the best ever released for the PS2. and even go as far as saying one of the best for a launch day release of any console ever.

there are parts which to me looked ugly, but it was more about the limits of what the console was capable of and companies trying to push these ideas into the game. there are parts which didn't really benefit from being 3 dimensional other than showing that the ps2 was capable of doing it. just because something can do something doesn't mean it should always do it. parts should have been high resolution pre rendered instead of experimental 3d imo.
I love ff x like the most of my fellow ff fans. Reasen for it being so good are:

- Amazing story line and music. One of the best (perhaps the best) in the series.
- Strategic battles! Because its turn based you can take all the time you want to plan your next move. (and that saved my ass more than once!)
- Behind the liniary path towards the ending lies a big new adventure in the form of side quest. Getting all dark eaons/enemies/weapons enz is super great!
- The most emotional FF in the series (at least to me). And because of that in sticks....and sticks in my memory for ever!

Listen to my story......this may be our last chance.. + music = Goosebumps!

Having played FF7 and FF8, FF10 to me was terrible. I hate everything about Tidus: his design, his character, his English voice. The story is way inferior to that of FF7 and even FF8, perhaps because it's not very complex (in comparison to FF7 and FF8, anyway): you just start the game and you're instantly introduced to your villain Sin - some big ass monster that attacks people; even the plan to defeat Sin is introduced right at the beginning (even though it's abandoned at the end of the game). The things that happen during the journey to defeat Sin seem pretty minor, and even though some things you find out during the game may be interesting, never have I thought to myself "wow, shit's become real".

I also found it really weird and even annoying how Tidus met Auron -- the guy who obviously knows what's going on, to an extent at least -- and yet never bothered to ask about shit. Sure, the plot requires things to be revealed in the course of the game, but Tidus is just stupid.
Oh and making a character use a sports game ball to attack monsters was retarded.
Well Sin's not really the main villain at all. Same way Edea's not the main villain of FFVIII.
Except that it's completely different and I have no idea how you managed to compare the two. Sin is the main villain. Sure, it's controlled by someone from inside of it, etc., but it's Sin they wanted and needed to defeat - whether that's by kicking the monster's ass itself or by destroying the one controlling it doesn't change anything. In fact, I don't think that by Sin they were referring to the very monster, but the threat itself. Edea, however, was just the first boss. Following her defeat, the focus switched to Adel and Ultimecia.
You can't just compare the villains only because they're controlling/being controlled, when the circumstances are entirely different. If Edea was actually the final boss, albeit controlled by Ultimecia, then the comparison to Sin could be made.