FFIX: What would you change?

The only things I would change, honestly, is that I would make the ATB go a little faster, and I would make it so that you can choose to use Trance or not when the gauge is full. Otherwise the game is perfect.
This game is absolutely perfect. There's not much I would change. There is one small thing though...

I would change the randomness of Necron. I'm not exactly sure of his origin, but I'd change how he just randomly appears. If he is Garland, I'd have the Garland battle take place earlier, so that they could hype up the appearance of Necron.
I'd love it if you could have Beatrix as a permanent character after the attack on Alexandria. I find her to be my favorite character in the game because she kicks so much ass. And Quina? Yeah dump her so Beatrix can be picked up, I'll accept that trade!
Yeah, get rid of Quina. Worst character ever. Necron wasn't a great final boss for me either I did think it was all a bit out of the blue.
The game is perfect but there are a few things i would change.

Make Trance storable and usable at will except in scripted battles.

Make the third battle against Beatrix winnable or at least scripted to where it ends in a draw instead of being defeated again.

Have it to where at least some Cleyrans/Burmecians survived Cleyra's destruction instead(seriously how was Quina the only one to survive).
Although it was a fantastic game, I would change 2 things:

1. The Tetra Master card game. I found the original Triple Triad in VIII to be much better. The cards you won actually served a purpose. The ones in IX were boring and useless to me.

2. I didn't like that the summon creatures were divided between Garnet and Eiko. Being a huge fan of summon creatures, it annoyed me that I had to take up 2 spots in the party during battle to get the full package.
I guess remove Quina from the game and add him or her in as a NPC. He's pretty funny as random comic relief but as a main character he seems pretty pointless and just following everybody just for more food. :thehell:

I would replace him or her with Beatrix. She has more of a bigger reason to be with the party and her battle skills are awesome. She's like a female Cecil and Cloud mixed together which is extremely cool.

Anything else about FFIX should not be touched as it is a precious golden game of wonderfulness and is the one of * if not * the best Final Fantasy of the series :griin:

I completely agree with this. I literally would not change anything else about it though. However, I did want a little more backstory about Freyja as I loved her to bits for some reason, and I honestly don't remember a single thing about Amarant or why he was in the party. Maybe I missed something. But this is my favourite FF game as well, I even liked Tetra master.
So much about this game is golden good, if not, it is just so very close. If I had to choose a change, it would be gear ui changing via wearable gear per character personality. I wouldn't want the same looking gear on Vivi as that of Zidane, that would look goofy but character specific would look quite cool.
I'm mostly echoing what a lot of people have already said on this thread - I'd make Trance optional so that you could choose when to enter (except perhaps when it is story motivated, such as when Vivi is against the third black mage).

Also, the general speed of the battles is a little lacklustre, though thankfully this is addressed in the mostly-excellent iOS port.
I am a huge fan of FFIX and would not change hardly anything in it....EXCEPT:

An "aspect" of Necron.

To the casual gamer and one who may not look deep into hidden message and slight remarks throughout the game, someone may thing Necron came from virtually nowhere! Which is basically 99% correct. I believe there was "1" reference to Necron when the party visited the Iifa tree earlier, and it was very easy to miss. I just wish he would have had a bigger role in the game/story. The characters seem almost as shocked as the gamer does when he comes onto the screen and challenges the survival of the world. It'd be nice to see a bigger glimpse into his history.
The only thing that I want to change from this game is the time limit that the Excalibur II has as an award. I would eliminate that and make it obtainable by collecting the required items. I don't see why would Square Enix would come up with that idea. Not everyone will beat the game under the time limit it ask. Everyone should have the same privilege to get Excalibur II.
I don't see why would Square Enix would come up with that idea. Not everyone will beat the game under the time limit it ask. Everyone should have the same privilege to get Excalibur II.

You're kidding right? That's like complaining a platinum trophy is too hard. If you're not good enough or willing to put in the work/effort to get it then thats down to you. Games have been dumbed down enough as it is without needing them to be made easier.
This will be similar to the other FFX thread.

What aspect/s would you wish to change in the game? The gameplay? Story?

I love this game, but one thing I would wish to see different is the speed of the battles. It's so slow! I'm sure everyone noticed. A more instantaneous system would be great.

The other thing would be the accesibility to all ATEs without having to replay/reload save files. It could be something like a theatre thingy. I thought ATEs are interesting to the character development. It would be great to be able to view all of them. The theatre could even contain all the scenes in the game.

Oh and one very important thing! I really wish there is a No Encounter accessory or ability. This will greatly facilitate the sidequests, or just plain exploration.

I just played through this game again recently and you hit the nail on the freakin head! I love everything about this game but the battle speeds are grueling! I said that to myself so much through this play through but I still really enjoy the game and story. I absolutely love the equipment/ability system in the game.

I also wanted to use Amarant more as he is not a character I ever use due to how similar he is to Zidane. And most of the time (all of the time?) the game wouldn't let me take Zidane out of my party so I didn't want to use two similar characters at the same time.
A few things come to mind:

- Make the other three guardians of Terra into boss fights. (Before going to Terra)
- Foreshadow Necron's role in the story, so he doesn't come out of nowhere.
- Give Freya and Amaranth more screen time in the latter discs. They kinda fade into the background after halfway disc 2.
- Replace Quina with a party member with actual relevance to the story. (Seriously, Quina is completely irrelevant)
- Make Trance an ability which you can activate by command.
- Maybe add more content to the lost continent. It's too barren.
- And I'd want the speed up feature from the recent FF7 re-release. It would make fighting and grinding much faster.
- Maybe an optional dungeon with enemies that give a lot of EXP, because levelling up after Lv70 is so damn slow.
I prefer if the sound from the impact on enemy creatures after attacking was more satisfying. It feels empty and unimpactful compared to FFVII and FFVIII.
Only thing I'd like to see is what exactly happened at the end of the game, as in the missing time between zidane going for Kuja and him returning to Alexandria. Just tie up the loose ends please, squeenix
After replaying it awhile back, two things come to mind that I'd change. Firstly, improving the dang speed during battle. Even on the quickest setting, it fills so slowly compared to the other games. Secondly, steal rate for the first 3/4ths of the game. Reworking it in some way would be so nice x_x
I agree with everyone saying the battle system needs fixing. I tried playing it again and was almost immediately put off by how slooooooooooooooooow it is. Personally I think FF10 did turn-based combat right, they should use that instead of the boring and overused ATB.
The things I would like to see change:

- Removal of the ATB bar and use the turn system from FFX where the agility stat determines the order of turns. This should help speed up battles.
- Allow for Trance to be manually triggered by command, similar to Overdrive from FFX.
- Replace Quina with Beatrix
- Extended ending to help clear up the parts we don't see with Zidane when he stays behind.
- I personally think that Excalibur II should be added to be core game experience and that speed run challenge should be removed.
*casts revive on thread*

As much as I love FFIX, two big issues for me were the battle speed and the trance system. Like what the actual fuck was going on with trance? Why couldn't you choose when to use it? It always activated in some pointless battle with an easy monster and hardly ever when I actually needed it. I think I can recall one time when I had a useful trance.

The battle speed was just incredibly slow, especially at the beginning. It made regular monster battles sometimes take way longer than they needed to. I should not have to spend the same length of time in a regular battle as I would in a boss battle.