Information Chocobo Egg

That’s actually terrifying and cute at the same time?? 🤭
Thank you!

There's one awaiting a partner up for sale now if anyone is interested.

I'll do it. Do I just purchase and then wait for someone else to purchase as well?
Since someone else already purchased you wouldn't need to wait. But if you purchased first then yeah that's how it would work.
I’m just posting to acknowledge the receipt of a recent purchase. We now have two parents so I’ll design a new sprite when I get a spare moment!

When I’m far enough along with that I’ll put the Chocobo Egg back on sale in the Mog Shop.
Thank you for your patience!

Seventeenth Egg:
First parent: Soulcorruptor
Second parent: Ilyena

Not many know this, but deep in the chilliest peaks of Antarctica live a race of ice dragons. They roll their eggs down the mountains to be raised by those quirky flightless birds which are known to huddle together. This affords the dragons more time for hunting and guarding the ancient secrets of the icy continent. Fl’Ap-i F’iitt is one such recently hatched ice dragon. In the Draconic tongue his name means “All-devouring Lord of the thunderous roar”, but his birdy childminders have taken to calling him Flappy Feet as a phonetic rendering and on account of his rather awesome moves.
If you dare to call Flappy Feet a penguin then there shall be dire consequences, for he is actually a ferocious ice dragon.

The code for the new smiley is : flappyfeet: without the spaces.


Alternatively, look under the smiley tab under Chocobo Egg.

Congratulations to the new parents!


And with that the Chocobo Eggs are open for purchase again in the MogShop!
For a few weeks now we've had an egg waiting for a second partner.

Will it be you? What form will your creature take?

Buy one here:
Eighteenth Egg:
First parent:
Lord Golbez
Second parent: Final Fantasy Forums

In 666 BC a mysterious cult opened a dimensional portal to the terrifying realm of Faros Ill Op’yad! What eldritch abominations did they let slip into our universe? Thankfully the gate was closed within seconds and all cult members were executed for their crimes. It seems, however, that an indescribable entity with an unpronounceable name managed to get past them, mayhaps stuck to the bottom of their sandals or underneath their helmets. It thrived unseen for thousands of years behaving as the ‘genius’ behind many important decisions in the world. Today, the being (known colloquially as The Head) is the secret mastermind behind Final Fantasy Forums itself and it has allowed an essence of itself to be reborn from one of our eggs.

The code for the new smiley is : thehead: without the spaces.


Alternatively, look under the smiley tab under Chocobo Egg.

Congratulations to the new parents! :)
DaggerTribal and JigoKuu when they realised that The Head ( :thehead: ) wasn’t their cegling...


I haven’t forgotten. Your cegling is in the works but I ended up prioritising the FFVII Remake and stuff... Would have been good if I could have made the egg hatch on Easter Sunday but I failed in that. :sad2:
Maybe we were all safer with The Head :thehead: after all...

Nineteenth Egg:
First parent:
Second parent:

The bringer of the worst catastrophe of our times has been born. Ash Ketchum was turned into literal ash when he attempted to catch this creature. A Bulbasaur from Hell with a Black Materia on its back, Beelzebulbble threatens to effortlessly summon Meteor and destroy our planet should we fail to serve its will. It is currently unknown if this being actually possesses the soul of Sephiroth inside it, or if it is only an obsessed fan.
Don’t be fooled by its cute face. If you offer it dis pear then it'll bite your fingers off.

The code for the new smiley is : beelzebulbble: without the spaces.


Alternatively, look under the smiley tab under Chocobo Egg.

Congratulations to the new parents!
After some recent purchases in the last couple of days we now have two new parents-to-be! I shall design a new cegling asap. I must admit that I have no idea how to proceed with this one but I shall do it all the same! :argor:

The Chocobo Egg is no longer on sale in the MogShop until after I finish the next cegling.
Will it be on sale again on the future ? please ?

It will be back!

I will activate it again as soon as I am close to finishing the one which is still in the works. The eggs cost 10 Community Tokens (CT) though. The good news is that some of our Birthweek events are still active if you'd like to get involved to quickly generate that CT. Or other methods.

But to answer the question: the chocobo eggs will definitely be on sale again in the near future. :argor:

I blame the pandemic, Birthweek, a Mythology Manual article, and even myself, but here we are after a wee delay.

What do you think is inside this egg?: A LOVELY CLICKER
Who laid this egg?: WHOEVER NEEDED TO.

What do you think is inside this egg?: Yoshi?
Who laid this egg?: ..uh, one of the parents.

Twentieth Egg:
First parent:
Paddy McGee
Second parent:

“I hear you’re a Yoshi-clicker now, Father!”
These were the first words Father Funguy heard as he blindly cracked out of his shell, clicking furiously to echo-locate the tasty owner of that voice. Perhaps the Father’s father had sinned with Yoshi and the Lord was punishing him by infecting him with cordyceps. Perhaps the Father was the product of immaculate conception and the miraculous egg was simply showered with fungi-spores. Perhaps this is an ecumenical matter.

Regardless, this priestly clicker from the cretaceous is out, his shroomlocks blowing in the wind, and he is in dire need of the cordy-dentist.

The code for the new smiley is : funguy: without the spaces.

Alternatively, look under the smiley tab under Chocobo Egg.

Congratulations to the new parents!

The Chocobo Egg is now available again to purchase in the Mogshop for 10 Community Tokens.