Welcome to Birthweek 2020!


As everybody has noticed, 2020 has thus far turned out to be an insane year for the world. With a lot of uncertainty about how our daily lives might look going forward, many people have understandably withdrawn into their own bubbles. We hope everyone is okay. The Final Fantasy VII Remake certainly helped distract many of us.

We invite all of you to bounce your bubbles next to each other and join them together on FFF (a place where social distancing doesn’t need to be enforced). As one we can enjoy the safety of a friendly online environment as we celebrate Birthweek 2020. None of us need to feel isolated when we have a community at our fingertips.

Sephiroth had his Reunion, but he had to make it weird. Let’s have one of our own and make it weirder great!

On June 6th Final Fantasy Forums will be fourteen years old!

Where has the time gone? To think that there may be people in high school who weren’t even born when this site was founded is quite incredible. One of these days this site might be older than some of the Final Fantasy protagonists!

Happy 14th Birthday, Final Fantasy Forums!

What can you expect from Birthweek?
As usual there will be a variety of events on offer. On the creative side you can expect an art competition, cooking/recipe contest, photography contest, and a writing competition. There will be a new monster to slay in a new Beat the Monster event (to be named and revealed shortly), and there are other light fun events in the works which shall be announced and revealed in due course.

Event Threads:
Art Competition
Crush Carrie the Coeurl!
Name that Final Fantasy Enemy - FINISHED
Writing Event - aka It's Always Sunny in FFFLandia - Voting
Caption This! - Voting
Photography Contest 2020 - Voting
Dancing Mad Libs!
I've come up with a new recipe! (2020)
Kidnapped Ceglings!
Keep checking this thread or this board.

Birthweek Points (BWP) will be used to calculate the highest scores on our leaderboards and will be given out in addition to Gil.

1st Place = 5 BWP
2nd Place = 3 BWP
3rd Place = 2 BWP

Each participant will receive 1 BWP just for participating.

The member with the highest number of accumulated BWP will be the winner of Birthweek 2020. Winners will receive the following prizes:

1st Place: 10 CT & 10 GP
2nd Place: 5 CT & 5 GP
3rd Place: 3 CT & 3 GP

Please don't be afraid to ask if anyone has ant questions.

Let's mosey!
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Yes, I have one. You know how ants can carry objects several times their mass? How much mass can say, 6 ants carry at once by working together?
I’m not an entomologist or any sort of biology expert.

But I believe that six ants who eat spinach, lift regularly at the gym and are at prime physical fitness could lift up a small, cheeky human like yourself and carry you to the naughty step. :ahmed:
'Birthweek' (AKA Birthmonths) is nearly over, but there are a couple of events which still need some votes!

Feel welcome to see the entries and use the power of your vote to choose your favourite: