All FF Piano Music

One from Brave Exvius and the Main Theme from FFBE War of the Visions. I like a lot the first one, beatiful waltz.

This a video that a friend made to promote me a bit. He uses to upload those kind of videos with relaxing music to study and all that. Here you can here some unreleased tracks that I will publish the next weeks.

As requested, Chaos Shrine.

This one is a favourite of @Mitsuki so she can't miss this!

Great job, as usual. It always makes me think about the Chaos Shrine when I hear the track. There sounds as if there is a lot more to it than a creepy ancient temple, and this version brings that out too. You can imagine life in the long-abandoned halls. Though now only Garland haunts it, playing the area's theme on his piano!
Wow, I've been listening to it since I got home. Thank you so much @FFPianoMusic - that's incredible! I really love how you did this one. I gave you 3 GP / 3 CT just for that request. This makes me want to cry! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Thank you! What are the coins and tokens for?

Here goes another one, this was hard to play but whoaa, what an amazing arrangement.

Piano Collections version of this theme is really good, but I made this easier version for beginners. Maybe a bit more jazzy.

Now I'm working on a big project that I always wanted to do. I got half work done. It will take me more than a month until release probably but I think its gonna be really cool.

I've been a long time wanting to make a video like this. After playing and recording the music I had to check that everything was fine and listen to the full song, and I swear for god that I fell asleep after ten minutes. So I think I made a good work XD

Well, I got married yesterday! So now I have a month for holidays... that's why I have prepared a lot of videos xD