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  1. Dionysos

    Christmas Jokes (2018)!

    Many a joke has been told during the Christmas period. Some are good; most are bad. Anyone familiar with Christmas crackers shall know of jokes so cringe-inducing that they become entertaining. Here is your chance to create your very own Final Fantasy themed Christmas joke! Please consider...
  2. Dionysos

    Welcome to Christmas 2018

    In the warm, cosy cottage an exhausted Mr. Pomander finally collapsed into his recliner to watch Mognetflix with a modest helping of kupo nuts. Suddenly, the channel changed to Chocolina’s Hot and Cold. Perplexed, the lounging moogle turned his head to find that Billy Beakface had let himself in...
  3. Dionysos

    Christmas 2016

    It is technically December, yet Mognap has not noticed. How could he? He has only just gone to bed after playing Final Fantasy XV late into the night. Bells are ringing somewhere in the distance, but Mognap believes them to be a dream and rolls over. Perhaps they are a dream, for to a dream...