It is technically December, yet Mognap has not noticed. How could he? He has only just gone to bed after playing Final Fantasy XV late into the night.

Bells are ringing somewhere in the distance, but Mognap believes them to be a dream and rolls over. Perhaps they are a dream, for to a dream Mognap is smoothly transported!

Noctismog and the other mog-bros are taking a drive. Mognap is with them, and he makes sure that Mambo De Chocobo is on the car radio to the protest of the other mog-bros. They drive, they fish, and they camp and play games. Then they drive again.

Suddenly the radio crackles and is hijacked by an unskippable Tidus-laugh cover of the Moogle Theme.

‘Heeeeyyy! Make it stop, Kupo!’ Promptomog yells into Noctismog’s ear from the back of the car.

‘It won’t skip, Kupo!’ regrets Noctismog as he prods and slams at the radio buttons. Distracted, Noctismog crashes the car.

As the mog-bros stumble to their feet and wipe off the dirt, Mogrinch reveals himself from the boot of the damaged vehicle.

‘Muhahaha! Just like this game, I have stolen Christmas, Kupo!’

‘Christmas…’ thinks Mognap, regaining self-awareness…

All of the Mog-bros fade into a dark mist, leaving Mognap and Mogrinch alone on the road. Suddenly a brightly lit spectral sack falls from the sky, squashing Mogrinch. Instantly teleporting with the sack is none other than Father Kupomas!

‘Ho ho ho! There is still time, kupo! Wake up and start Christmas! WAKE UP!’

Mognap sits upright in bed. He leaps out of his covers and dives head first out of his bedroom window. As he rushes through the streets he is stunned by silence.

Has Mogrinch stolen Christmas this year after all?

No! Mognap finds that all the moogles of Moogle Village have also overslept or overlooked Christmas. This won’t do!

From this moment Mognap has been skipping by every house, tapping all doors and singing songs. The moogle ranks steadily increase as more and more awake from their stupors until, arm-in-arm, they dance their way to Final Fantasy Forums to wish us a very merry Christmas.


Christmas 2016!

Yes, we’re a bit behind this year. Unlike the moogles we can’t (unfortunately) blame FFXV for it – we’ll just have to accept that life sometimes gets in the way. Regardless, FFF’s 2016 Christmas events are now launching!

During December several competitions and events will run. There will be another White Elephant event, a raffle, a guess the number of M&Ms in a jar challenge, Christmas Stocking Stuffers, and more.

To commemorate the long-awaited release of Final Fantasy XV we will also hand out CT to people who post an image of their copy of the game (click here). Also, don’t forget that the New Game Grants are still active throughout and beyond the Christmas period, and you can earn CT by creating threads about FFXV and World of Final Fantasy.

We shall also be running Christmas sales on various MogShop items. More shall be announced soon!

This year ‘Santa Hats’ will be distributed to winners of events. Whoever collects the most hats will be awarded the coveted ‘Heroic Holly’ award!
The two runner-ups will be awarded Kudos awards. Remember that awards can be traded in for CT and GP via the Milestone Awards system.

These events shall have varying start and end dates. The full details and rules of the various events shall be posted in the relevant threads in Competition & Events section.

Merry Christmas!