Christmas Welcome to Christmas 2019!

Christmas 2019!

The moogles dance and sing as they dress their kupo nut trees with baubles, tinsel and lights. The tonberry chef whistles as he sharpens his knife under the warm glow of his lantern. Meanwhile the chocobo sheepishly lowers its head and backs away. The festive season is upon us once again!

We can now announce that 2019’s FFF Christmas events are launching!

During the month of December there shall be a feast of competitions and events for you to indulge in. More will be announced in due course, but you can expect the opportunity to participate in another Christmas jokes competition, a Christmas recipe contest, a writing contest and White Elephant!

Participating in any event will earn you forum-currency prizes and an abundance of invaluable respect.

These events shall have varying start and end dates. The full details and rules of the various events shall be posted in the relevant threads in the Blitzball Stadium section.

Merry Christmas!


White Elephant - FINISHED
Smiley Scenes - FINISHED
An FFF Christmas Carol - FINISHED
Christmas Photo Challenge - FINISHED
I've come up with a new Christmas recipe! - FINISHED
Christmas Jokes! - FINISHED
Cegling Game: Pass the Parcel - FINISHED
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Reserved for leaderboard.

Will be sent directly to Santa Claus.

The below is WIP!

Event scores:
White Elephant
Christmas Photo ChallengeCarrier of Hope
Oliver Queen
Smiley Scenes1st = DaggerTribal
2nd = Ilyena
3rd = Soulcorruptor
4th = Paddy McGee
5th = Blakstang98, Six
6th = Linnaete
5 CT + 5 GP
3 CT + 3 GP
2 CT + 2 GP
2 CT + 1 GP
1 CT + 1 GP
1 CT
Cegling games: Pass the ParcelCegling scores:
1st = DaggerTribal + Soulcorruptor
2nd = Sprout + Espurr
3rd = DaggerTribal + Mitsuki
Entry = Soulcorruptor, Dionysos, shivas, Linnaete, Rey, charmy, Galadin, Mitsuki, sly, JigoKuu, Ross,

Participation scores:
More than five passes = Soulcorruptor, Ilyena, DaggerTribal, Espurr, Six
Less than five passes but more than one = sly
One pass = JigoKuu
Cegling scores:
1st = 4 CT + 1 GP
2nd = 3 CT
3rd = 2 CT

Entry = 1 CT

Participation scores:
5 CT and 1 GP
3 CT
1 CT
An FFF Christmas Carol1st = Soulcorruptor
2nd = Linnaete
3rd = Dionysos
Christmas Jokes!1st = Dionysos
2nd = DaggerTribal
3rd = Linnaete
Qualifying for voting round = Six
Participation = Soulcorruptor, Interlude65
5 CT + 5 GP
3 CT + 3 GP
2 CT + 2 GP
2 CT + 1 GP
1 CT + 1 GP
I've come up with a new Christmas recipe!1st = Dionysos
2nd = Soulcorruptor, Ilyena, DaggerTribal
Naughty step = Sly
Participation = Sly, Ilyena
5 CT + 5 GP
3 CT + 3 GP
1 kick up the backside
1 CT + 1 GP

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Many events have ended already.

There are some, however, which require support from the community in the form of your votes!

Check the entries and cast your votes here:
An FFF Christmas Carol (writing contest)
I've come up with a new Christmas recipe (recipe / food contest)
Christmas jokes! (joke writing contest)

All votes and comments will be greatly appreciated and shall help us determine the winners and wrap up our Christmas events.

Voting for these competitions shall end on January 19th.
Make your vote count!