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Jokes are often told over the Christmas period. Some may be good, but to be honest most are pretty bad. Anyone familiar with Christmas crackers shall know of jokes so cringe-inducing that they can almost become entertaining.

Here is your chance to create your very own Final Fantasy themed Christmas joke!

Please consider:
1. You can freely choose the structure and style of your joke.
2. They must be Final Fantasy themed.
3. They do not need to be Christmas themed – but it would be nice to have some Christmas themed jokes too.

See the entries of previous years here for 'inspiration': 2016; 2017; 2019; 2020; 2021.

You can post your jokes in this thread and you can post as many jokes as you want. The more the merrier!

Each participant will gain EXP for entering the contest. Telling more jokes may increase the chances of a good joke being told and winning the competition.

If we receive a lot of entries then the jokes which receive the most Forum ‘likes’ and appear to be the most popular may be selected for a final round of voting to determine the ultimate cracker of a joke. So spectators can also have their say by 'liking' jokes that they like in this thread too!

The event will be closed for entries on 21st December and then the voting round will be created if the above necessitates it.

You can start telling your jokes now!

SOLDIER Director: "You three wish to join SOLDIER? Alright, tell me what each of you brings to the table."

Candidate A: "I can do 1,000 squats without breaking a sweat."

Candidate B: "I got top marks on a shooting course back home at Junon, sir!"

Candidate C: "I have the power of hindsight."

SOLDIER Director: "That doesn't really help us."

Candidate C: "Yes, I can see that now..."
"Mr. Kramer has said a flat joke about Mr. Delling's death before Christmas day. I feel my mentor had a lot of pressure in life, so I let him make a speech to express his emotions. Hope you guys understand him."