final fantasy vii

  1. mar

    Help Glitch on menu in PC version of final fantasy vii

    hi. i already reported this directly to square-enix several times and they only answered once telling me that does no exist such an error like that. when is obviously that it happens. i recorded a video that i will post here. it looks a code bug when they port the game to the PC. in the...
  2. Dionysos

    FFVII Remake Screenshot Thread

    Have you taken any screenshots while playing FFVII Remake? Feel free to share any here. Please be mindful about spoilers though. If there are any screenshots which provide story spoilers then please hide them under spoiler tags. Here are a handful of mine. I have actually taken over a hundred...
  3. Dionysos

    Post your copy of the FFVII Remake

    Happy official FFVII Remake launch day! This thread is simple. Take a photograph of your copy of the FFVII Remake when it arrives and you shall earn 3 CT. If you don't own a physical copy then take a screenshot of your digital copy. Bonus points: + 1 CT if you own the Deluxe Edition + 2 CT...
  4. Dionysos

    Will Loveless be the epic poem this time?

    Unmissable as the player sees the bustling streets of Midgar for the first time, the Loveless poster in the original Final Fantasy VII was so iconic and memorable that the Compilation material decided to expand on it and change its nature. In the original, it was simply a poster for My Bloody...
  5. Dionysos

    Welcome to Birthweek 2019!

    Many great things are remade from time to time. Birthdays are a perfect time for self-reflection and for figuring out how we can reinvent, improve or refine ourselves… Like the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy Forums has also been reimagining itself. We’ve welcomed many treasured new...
  6. luigipunk

    Those Who Fight (Final Fantasy VII) - EUROBEAT version

    so, I'm currently learning how to make eurobeat, so I decided to start off with a Eurobeat version of Final Fantasy VII battle theme. I hope I managed to make it enjoyable! I would love to get feedback :D
  7. K

    Small but sweet VII Discord invite A small little server for fans of all games, but especially VII to come together and bond over their love of this wonderful game in the series. There are chat rooms for VII tips, character discussions, OCs, roleplaying, and separate chats for the other games! It's a...
  8. @

    Final Fantasy VII - Podcast Tribute Episode from Arcade Attack

    Hi Guys, Please enjoy Arcade Attack's special 6th podcast episode that pays huge tribute to possibly the best game ever made - Final Fantasy 7: Hopefully we have done the game the justice it deserves. Kindest regards, Adrian
  9. cmarabate

    "Who was in your party?" FFVII Shirt Designs

    Here are is small selection my Final Fantasy VII "Who was in your party?" shirt designs. I literally made 2 versions of each party combination. My personal favorite party combination was Cloud, Cid, and Vincent. Who was in your party?
  10. Dionysos

    FFF Mythology Manual: Red XIII

    FFF Mythology Manual - Red XIII: Nanaki the Native. Red XIII is truly a contender for the most unique of playable characters in the Final Fantasy series. Appearing in FFVII and related compilation material, Red XIII (or Nanaki) is not only a member of a species other than human (a rare treat in...
  11. rowe

    [SU/Info/D] Final Fantasy VII: The Cosmic Whispers

    Premise / Prologue Connecting to server...... Connected. Retrieving file(s)...... Analyzing file(s)...... Scanning for corrupted file(s)...... No corrupted file(s) detected. Scanning for incomplete file(s)...... No incomplete file(s) detected. 1 file loaded successfully. Recording Date: [ μ...
  12. rowe

    [IC] Final Fantasy VII role play/story.

    The story/premise has been long since written and good to go - for like, nearly 12 years. :lew: (Created it with my cousin when I was a younger lad.) I've recently made adjustments to it, though, and made it more "modern to the times" - but, if anyone is willing, a co-collaborator-of-sorts is...
  13. vetaia

    Final Fantasy VII: Wish Upon A Meteorite (Post-Game RP)

    It is ten years after the defeat of Sephiroth -- or that was the way it supposed to end. When Cloud Strife struck the final blow intended to destroy the man once and for all, his true agenda came to fruition: Sephiroth had intended from the very beginning to be killed and sent back into the...
  14. Composer1992

    Those Who Fight Further Metal Remix

    Well I know this track has been covered like a million times, but I wanted to hear what you think of it. I tried to do a different kind of interpretation of it. Hope you like it!
  15. _jayholden

    Final Fantasy VII Story: Everything You Need to Know

    Hi everyone, I made a summary of the Final Fantasy 7 story. I'd appreciate your feedback! ----- Follow me on Twitter:
  16. C

    Final Fantasy VII - The Web Series

    Apparently some fellow fans who are both passionate and talented want to create a web series. Sounds hoakey, I know. But this actually looks kinda promising. Check out their kickstarter page if interested...
  17. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged

    PLEASE NOTE: We realize that the SonsOfSatire had already started their version called "Final Fantasy VII: The Abridged Series." Their series, however, has not updated since July of 2010 with no sign of continuing. As such, we believe a video game so greatly renowned deserves to be finished...
  18. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged - Episode 9 - "Homeward Cloud"

    Guess what's up on our YouTube channel and rarin' ta go! Want to see our previous episodes? Sure, here you go! As always, please be sure to click the Like and Subscribe buttons if you enjoyed our video. It helps us know that we're doing well and that you guys want us to continue. The Final...
  19. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged - Blooper Reel!

    A collection of unused voice clips that demonstrate how our LUCK is not our highest stat here at Final Fantasy VII: Abridged... As always, if you found this video (or any of our videos) enjoyable, please be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Final Fantasy is owned by Square-Enix and Hironobu...
  20. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged Valentine's Day Special! (Speed Dating)

    Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone! Hope you guys enjoy our special! Make sure to like and subscribe to our channel if you enjoy our videos! That way, we know to keep making 'em! Thanks for watching!