Welcome to Birthweek 2019!


Many great things are remade from time to time. Birthdays are a perfect time for self-reflection and for figuring out how we can reinvent, improve or refine ourselves…

Like the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy Forums has also been reimagining itself. We’ve welcomed many treasured new members this year. With the start of the Timber Maniacs digital mogazine series last year, we are continuing to experiment with new ideas and projects, and are always delighted when members share their own projects with us.

On June 6th Final Fantasy Forums will be thirteen years old!

Oh no! FFF is turning into a teenager! But don’t expect the place to get moodier, smellier, and less inclined to care… Instead we can do what we do best and celebrate with some fun competitions and activities.

Let’s make this a good Reunion!

Happy 13th Birthday, Final Fantasy Forums!

What can you expect?
As usual there will be a variety of events on offer. We’ll have another RaFFFle. The popular cooking/recipe contest and FFXIV Screenshot Contests will be returning. If you fancy a bit of guesswork, we are presenting a new event called Eyes on Me (inviting you to recognise FFF members from nothing but their eyes!) alongside Voices (where you can match voiceclips to FFF members), and a Final Fantasy monster guessing game.

Others may be announced in due course.

Event Threads:
I've come up with a new recipe!
FFXIV Bikini Contest
RaFFFles 2019
Fanfic Frenzy 2019
Slay Sir Ian of the Gorge the Iron Giant!
Eyes on FFF
More TBA

BWP will be used to calculate the highest scores on our leaderboards and will be given out in addition to Gil.

1st Place = 5 BWP
2nd Place = 3 BWP
3rd Place = 2 BWP

Each participant will receive 1 BWP just for participating.

The member with the highest number of accumulated BWP will be the winner of Birthweek 2019. Winners will receive the following prizes:

1st Place: 10 CT & 10 GP + a member spotlight in a future Timber Maniacs magazine issue!
2nd Place: 5 CT & 5 GP
3rd Place: 3 CT & 3 GP

FFVII Remake!
With the recent teaser trailer for the FFVII Remake, this is the perfect opportunity to post a reminder that we shall be offering one copy of the first part of the FFVII Remake upon its release!
The game can be found on sale in our MogShop and costs 200 GP.

If you manage to do well at Birthweek and earn that GP, remember you could always buy a copy through us!

Let’s mosey!
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A few people have asked if there will be another Moogle Murder Mystery event this year.

Yes and no.

Moogle Murder Mystery III will be happening, but just not as an aspect of Birthweek. I've been way too busy with developing issue 3 of the Timber Maniacs magazine to plan the Moogle Murder Mystery event, so we'd all benefit from running it a little bit later. The MMM events do tend to overrun, so it'll be fairer on Birthweek also.

I do have a rough idea but it'll take me some time to draw out the maps, etc.

I'll keep people informed!

Please feel free to check the list of Birthweek events in the updated main post.