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  • I missed you commenting on my profile :wacky:

    you are the only one on the forum besides my sister that even knows who Tori is.

    I knew you were kewl ♥ :ryan:
    You mean, you can't comment on my profile anymore? I set my profile to just friends. :ryan: i swear we were friends already? :gonk:
    You were ignoring a mod and you technically didnt have to listen to them... and you complained about it? :hmph:

    You fool :mokken:
    The book was good, but Hayao Miyazaki took something took something 'good' and made it GREAT. XD
    Sign out then sign back in and it should work. if you add me aswell chances are MSN will be a fuckhead and glitch.
    Accept the invitation. Also, lemme borrow yer Pee Ess En so i can DL FF7 *shake fist*
    ikr but it's the truth, so we can't really do anything about it, truth can be redundant sometimes.
    Obviously, we don't round, we don't want that. :mokken: Or are you trying to be racist towards people born in October in a smart way? :ahmed:
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