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  • I thought you'd never ask :ari: I accept :inlove:

    tell your boyfriend to wise up and realize what he got. :mokken:

    i am not as pretty as you. :britt:

    and yes, i am sadly still in this hellhole. :hmph:
    I'm crappy, actually. :/ too much to sort through, i wouldnt mind saying what it is over private convo but not here :lew: I'm happy you're doin' good tho :ryan:

    you still in kentucky or did you break free? :okay:
    yes you are :inlove: i nominated you for fff awards :inlove:

    i have missed you as well :gonk: stay active you! or at least get on msn more often! :mokken: and i am glad you like the nom nom pic :ryan:


    You're backkkkkkkkkkkk :gonk: omgosh, how are you? :ohoho:
    Daww :inlove:
    We should go to the Mammotth caves and hide out there when it happens. it's only 379 feet deep but it still gives us a better chance than being up where the flares can get us :grin:
    Gah, I know, right! :gasp: It's so strange, too. :hmmm:

    I am very weary of the fact that this is happening in the year where supposedly the sun will send deadly solar flares to burn us up. :hal:
    Yeah, I'd expect it to be colder up where you're at. :hmmm: It sucks it's been so cold but it only snowed once this season. If there isn't any snow I'd rather it not be winter :hmph:
    Nice to see you as well.
    Have you gotten snow as well? It's been snowing near somerset :lew:
    Indeed, ♥

    she doesn't post much on here for some reason that's why. But i'm sure she'd like ya :ryan:
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