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  • I'll put it back up when I get my internet. This connection blows, so you're gonna have to wait like a week or so.
    Praying for you, hun. So sorry to hear that. :sad3:
    But yeah, i've probably listened to that song 50+ times within the past couple of days. I absolutely love it. :lew:
    So, here's a signature that I worked on using a different picture.

    It was kinda hard to work with the Aerith pic you gave me, so yeah...

    Hope you like it though, if not, I can always retry again.
    Do you think you can get me a render, or a better quality picture of Aerith, because blending her in, with the grass is a pain in the ass.
    Yeah I'll make you a signature. Shoot me the details and I'll see what I can do. I may do like 2-3 tries though.
    I'm always on MSN though if you want to talk :gasp2: i'm just mostly streaming games these days so i'm not on FFF as much as I used to :sad3:
    Not too bad on my end. How'd your operation go? (Sorry, couldn't help read Richard's message for you last month).
    Hey, AerithG. I saw in your status you're having your gallbladder removed? I just want to say I hope you took the time to research it or get a second opinion. One of my friend's grandmas had their gallbladder removed, last year. I did research on it & some say its not always the best option. In some cases, its unnecessary & doesn't fix the issue. There are other treatments available such as specific diets & other methods. Doctors prefer removal in many cases as the procedure makes them more $$$ than other options. With a lot of medical procedures it may be a good idea to do a little research.

    Sorry if that sounds cynical. I don't want to be a doom & gloomer especially with the new year starting.. :x

    :ohshit: -Insert positive comment, here!-
    Well that's good...I've never had any major surgery on any part of my body. Good luck with it!
    Such a long break :O But then again, most colleges have breaks like that.
    Peachy keen :yay:
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