TGS 2018: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition announced for PS4 & Switch


Does anyone remember Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles? It was a primarily multiplayer-based spinoff cult classic for the Nintendo Gamecube. Due to technological limitations at the time that required the need for four wired Game Boy Advances to hook to the console for that 4-player experience, the game was lost to time until now. With the era of ubiquitous online multiplayer gaming, Square Enix are bringing this multiplayer spinoff back with a remastered version, for both PS4 and the Nintendo Switch.

In the run-up to this year's Tokyo Game Show a trailer was shown along with a very tentative release window of 2019.



OOOOh My God !!!!!!
Can't wait !
I played that one at a friend's when I was in middle school ! So good memories !
One of the best FF games is coming back! I've been saying for ages that this would be perfect with online multiplayer so I'm pretty ecstatic :lew:.
Never had a GameCube & considering the Multi-player aspect of this game I reckon this will be a hit!

Do you need 4-Players to fully Enjoy it or is a 2-Player part enough? Hoping to Couch Co-op it with a friend.

Is this getting a physical release or digital only?
I thought I'd commented on this already... :hmmm:

I've always been curious about Crystal Chronicles, but I've lacked the correct console for it. I remember seeing some of @Sprout's Let's Play.

I never thought I'd play this game, so I would love to give it a shot... But I also need to play Type-0 which is also available on PS4 (and I have already purchased it at a discount).

Maybe I should actually load up my PS4 for the first time in a couple of months.
Do you need 4-Players to fully Enjoy it or is a 2-Player part enough? Hoping to Couch Co-op it with a friend.
I would say having two people is definitely enough. The game is even enjoyable when you're playing on your own.

That said, FF CC was probably the number one game on my wishlist of possible remakes and I'm so glad it's coming to the Switch. I have so many great memories of the game - I used to play the heck out of it with two friends from school. Our goals were: beat the game, get the best equipment for our characters, go back to the first level, and see how quickly we can beat the first boss. We sadly didn't manage to get the best equipment, but we still went back to the first boss and beat it in like 0.3 seconds. It was going down so quickly, its HP bar couldn't even keep up and was still draining while its death animation was happening.