Square Shatter Hopes For Final Fantasy V & VI On DS

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Oct 25, 2009
I think this can safely be summarized by a hopeless, blood-curdling “NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!” However, for those that still desire the cold, harsh truth — read on.

In response to a Square Enix member inquiring about whether or not Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI were DS-bound, producer Shinji Hashimoto answered by way of Tweeting: “As for FF5 and 6, there are technical problems; presently these are also undecided.”

We wouldn’t take this to mean these games aren’t coming. The fact that “technical problems” exist indicates that they were, at some point, in production or pre-production. Although, whether “technical problems” refers to DS hardware limitations or is another way of saying, “We’re waiting for the next line of portables” is, of course, anyone’s guess.

Source: Siliconera
I dont see how truthfully. How are they any more complicated than FFIV? They arent.
I wouldn't be all that disappointed by this; honestly I think if they're going to allocate any resources to remakes of old FFs they need to be made for more advanced systems like PS3 or X360--and with the same quality of graphics and voice acting throughout as FFXII or XIII, not just some teasing five-minute opening movie and then a bunch of chunky geometric shapes for characters (gee, was I disappointed by how they remade IV? :D)
Boo SE, I hate you, losers!

Another FFVII spin-off then? Or something that'll have VII in it?
Actually im not surprised. I mean A VI remake would have been cool but I prefer it on ps3. This isnt crashing news. As I got pretty sick of the DS(only play pokemon really on it now) But FF IV on ds was AMAZING and none should take its place >_>. Oh wel SE lets see whats your next move.
Maybe they might import the anthology remake (or make a brand new remake) onto the PSP? *shrugs*
I wouldn't really say this is hope shattering... yet. If these are just technical issues like they say, it still means there's still a hope for a remake. However, IV didn't have any trouble on the DS, and while I understand VI would possibly need more power to run, V could probably run no problem, so I can't help but think that "technical issues" is a euphemism for "we don't wanna." I suppose I'll just keep watching and hoping that they are real issues and can be resolved.
But if it is just a roundabout way of saying they don't really want to, then screw you SE.
Quite frankly, it's more incentive to believe they may be porting them to PSP, considering they had I/II on PSP... and then suddenly decided to try out the DS. They may have been impressed by how well CC did and how it seemed to hold up on the PSP, so they may be considering it. The fact that it hi-lights DS bound is all the more suspicious.
The real shattering part for me is that they have started on DS versions. I don't like that much. Yes, I do love the 3 and 4 remakes but I would rather see them on more advanced consoles. Yes, I am also aware that SE doesn't want to spend too much time on remakes and that making it for 360/ps3 would be a very long project.

But still, one can dream.
^ Why not get the PS1 original then?

Its not soul shattering for me. I dont see how its giving difficulties, the last 2 seemed fine on the DS, why are they encountering problems nows?
I don't see what kind of "technical difficulties" there can be anyway. If Matrix did it fine with FFIII and FFIV, surely it can't be anymore difficult to attempt FFV and FFVI.

Unless however - they intended to lazily port the 2D versions over to DS and call it a day. Ports can tend to run into dead ends for some particular reasons. Either that, or SE is bullshitting again and is secretly wanting the games on the 3DS or something.

I still don't think it will be impossible to see them on a DS. If that is the case (and damn you, I want to see them with 3D graphics), it's not the end of the world. You can perhaps still find the PS1 and GBA versions of the games on the net.
Technical issues = we're too lazy. :P

I just hope this means that they have run across some genuine technical problems but there is still hope of FFV or VI on DS. I plan to buy a DS this week (...for Pokemon Soul Silver...) but I never got to play V or VI so I would love if they came out on DS.
Three words.
Fuck. You. Square.

This is so stupid. What difficulties can they have for making either of those games?

Maybe this just means we'll get real remakes on the PSIII? :britt:
Eh, I don't want jump up and tell Square to eff because of this little tid bit of vague news. I'm still willing to bet a remake will come about.

Quite frankly, it's more incentive to believe they may be porting them to PSP

This I'm willing to take into consideration. Although I've been raving on and on about wanting an FFVI remake, with the DS as a likely version for the remake, I would totally endorse a PSP remake. I'm sorry, but Dissida Terra (and Bartz too) were pretty effin' awesome design wise, so if the DS remakes get scrapped in favour of a PSP remake that would possibly look like that, I'd be all for it ^^

Of course, this is all conjecture on my part, but so was the news "article".
Rofl... :lew:

Reading peoples comments.

They didn't shatter my dreams. In fact, I won't lose a wink of sleep. By now, I don't even care what the hell they make anymore. xD

Sure people with hate if you're in the "ANOTHER VII SPIN OFF" boat, but for all I care, they could or don't have to.

I won't lose any sleep. xD

People still holding on to Square doing them a favour, me having been one of them for hoping for the VII remake, I'll just wait and see. xD

I couldn't care less.
Ari, you terrified me with the thread title :mokken:

I am not really depressed at that news. Technical problems can be resolved in a couple of months/years, when new engines come out. Hell, this may mean that they may just bypass putting it on the DS and put it on a console where such problems may not arise. Hope may very well still exist, folks!
Not too depressed, maybe it's because I have a DS Lite which could play the GBA version of FFVI. Even though an enhanced remake with voice acting like FFIV would have been good.
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