RPG Inferno Auto Battle Prun Settings

Dean Winchester

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Oct 7, 2006
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Could someone please help me make my battles last longer by reverting the autoprune settings for battles to what it was weeks ago? Having to go through some tedious long battles of attacking once and not attacking after seven, if not eight turns, is something bearable. Seeing monsters that have almost the same amount of HP that the previous boss, still no problem. But having your battle pruned after you spent an hour or so (even more) when you were just about to win is seriously irritating.

Well, I'm up to Level 8.

I also would have killed the Pirate Captain and his effeminate lackeys had the battle not timed out and/or errored. They couldn't touch me, I just had to whittle them down slowly. Had one down and the Captain under 100 HP before it reset. -__-

Anyway. Yeah. Sleep.

I felt your pain -__-

^ Yeah, tbh that's becoming a major pain in the ass...can't one of you RPG Directors adjust so a battle will have to last longer before it is deleted? It sucks to fight under a time limit, it's not Street Fighter for crying out loud. xD
I think so too... :ffs:

I noticed that the current RPG is designe for some long battles due to the stats the monsters have and the amount of enemies required to defeat per area in most encounters. So making the RPG prune battles faster just adds an unnecessary (and unfair) difficulty.

Simple, may you please set it back to how it was and let us enjoy our long hour length battles in peace? :dave:
Well i just checked it, and it says that is is supposed to prune the battles ONCE A WEEK... So it might just be an error in the RPG... -__-
Like I said on MSN, if members didn't complain about RPG causing lag we wouldn't have had to reduce it so drastically.

On the upside though, I DID talk to Koloth last night and we're coming up with something in regards to the prune time so hopefully we'll have something official over the next few days.
If it's once a week, then it may have just been bad timing on my part, starting a battle however close to the pruning cut-off (That would make it Friday around 4 AM EST). And if so, no worries. However, the battle was in the neighborhood of 2-3 hours long. So if that's the cut-off, I think that might need to upped a tad.
Once a week is a bit long, it was set to once a day and never ran into error's during battles like the one he's describing :monster:
Happened again. -__-

Had Vlad down to 170-something HP with all of his gargoyles dead except the one he kept necroing. I was probably in the battle for about 90 minutes, I think.
Jesse, It's supposed to only prune battles that have been running for a week. Basically. They set the RPG battle pruning to prune battles that have been going on for more than a week, for some odd Reason it prunes the ones going on more than an hour. It can get Quite irritating. as I had it happen several times when the site was lagging really bad. Unfortunately. A large group of members seem to think that the lag has been produced by the RPG. which is ridiculous really, because in all the time I've been here there has always been the RPG, and we've never suffered lag like we were having. Either way, There seems to be some sort of bug in the RPG system where it thinks one week=one hour. which is VERY irritating against harder enemies. >_<
Apparently it's not pruning battles once a week. I was merely in the middle of a battle with the Komodo Dragon and the bats in the early hours of this morning. When I look at my inbox, I find this.

Inferno Messenger : Battle Report
Sent: Today 3:29 AM
Dear Faith,

Your battle has been automatically deleted by the system, to avoid this in the future please ensure you don't leave battles inactive.

I only went off at 2am as well. What's that all about? :gasp:
Yeah mine timed out after spending all my MP and most of my potions fighting the pirates. XD I was so close. Dammit.