Updates New Theme (Paragon) for FFF

Probably my settings, I find it very annoying if it alternates in shades, pretty sure that's a DBtech option in settings.
Oooo I like it! It's a much needed modernization of the forums, IMO. The lighter gray tone is easier on the eyes as well.

Main suggestion I'd make is to give a few elements different background colors. Like the text box I'm writing this post in--the background of the text box matches the background of the site body. Feels a bit weird to me. Same thing goes for the main forum view--the list elements background blends in with the body a bit too much. Then there's the sidebar, which currently is more like a bottom bar, but you probably are already working on stuff like that.

If you need/want any help, feel free to shoot me a message Mitsuki :)
Ah, I see what you mean Kirito I'll fix the comment box soon and make it a tad bit darker. :)

But...'lighter' gray tone you say? Isn't Paragon a little darker than Seamus? xD I do agree it's a bit more modern though. Clean-looking, even.

As for the list background, that's the default and it's uploaded in the system. I can change it on photoshop, then copy over it, but it's not my main priority at this time. Still got a lot to do with this skin. :/

The sidebar I'm having trouble with, honestly. There's something up with the sidebar.css that I'm obviously not seeing. If you do have time, mind if you take a look at it? I have Fil on the case too (when he gets around to it).
Well, it's lighter than bTech, which is what I always used. Feels lighter anyway, maybe my eyes just deceive me :P

Just now noticed that the body background is striped and not solid color. It's so subtle I didn't notice at first, ha. As for the forum list, there's absolute 0 reason it should be a PNG. It's just a 1x1 image repeated endlessly. In other words, a solid color. Just a really inefficient way to do it--I'd replace that with CSS. Looks like #111 is the equivalent HEX color to use. Applies to:

.forumhead + .childforum .L2:first-child .forumrow

.forumhead + .L2 .forumrow .forumbit_nopost .forumbit_nopost .forumrow

.forumbit_post .forumrow

Maybe other elements too. Basically anything that uses 'tdg_bg.png' as a background should just be a color instead. Then there's no worries about uploading new backgrounds and it's more efficient anyway.

Looked at the sidebar and I'm not sure what's up yet, either. The standard trick of using 'display: table;' on the main wrapper and 'display: table-cell;' on the sidebar and content containers didn't work at all. I'll try to look into it again later.
The sidebars background on Paragon kills my eyes. :lew: If you scroll down the 1px lines just seem to be moving... Ack!
The sidebars background on Paragon kills my eyes. :lew: If you scroll down the 1px lines just seem to be moving... Ack!

same here, it flicker when I scroll, aghhhhhhhhhh.

I love the red Paragon tho, really awesome
I actually really like this new Paragon theme. I think i may use it if it isn't much of a distraction. I'm so used to default but I could use something new.
I was thinking since we are adding new themes to the forum, Why not also add new banners and icons for each of them? We already have the moogle one, let's add some new ones. What you guys think?
Yup, this is the general idea. I believe the editing work is put on hold for a little bit, but once the work continues the new themes will definitely be equipped with a full set of graphics of their own. =]
Sidebar issue fixed (well, just swept the issue under the rug) all thanks to Kirito for looking into the coding side of things. Appreciate it! :)

Basically we got it to move to the side by editing additional.css - however clicking the dropdown arrow was giving us more issues with content width, so we had to 'hide' that arrow by simple coding. Still somewhat broken, I guess, but it works how it's supposed to now.

I'll continue to work on the skin gradually this week now that this sidebar issue is out of the way.
I'll try and add banners by tonight. We're just going to go ahead and use some of the older banners for this to complement the color theme. There is still one issue that I haven't been able to figure out - Twitch banner on the sidebar is sticking out on mobile version. Kirito any ideas?
I don't know if there's a separate CSS file for Twitch but either in that or additional.css you could add:

#block_dbtech_twitch_11 a img {
width: 100%;

or if that doesn't work:

#block_dbtech_twitch_11 a img {
width: 100% !important;

or if THAT doesn't work:

ul[id^="block_dbtech_twitch"] a img {
width: 100% !important;

There might already be a setting for this somewhere in there, since the image is being hard-set to 242px. If you find that, simply changing it to 100% is obviously better than adding more excess code to override other code.
@Kirito Issue fixed, thanks! :) Added the first code.

Now as for the banner... I've been tinkering with the Paragon Blue. Took out the logo on the top (I'd like to do away with the link too, but I haven't looked into it yet), as well as the transparent design that went with the blue backdrop. Replaced the glittery design .png file via FTP (1920 x 200 px - one of the older banners) to test things out, and it doesn't fit. There's half-an-inch cut-off on the sides. It would explain why the developer of the skin used a light transparent design. I might be overlooking something simple via CSS too, but that's obviously out of my field.

So we might have to create a custom transparent banner (preferably no rotation so I don't put more work on Fil's table) instead of using older ones.
Hey guys I was thinking of this idea. Since we already have the theme colors, why not put a famous creature or summon as the icon for each of them that matches with the color? For example:

Paragon Blue- Pupu, Shiva, Leviathan,
Paragon Red- Bomb, Ifrit, Pheonix, Gilgamesh
Paragon Green- Tonberry, Cactuar, Malboro, Carbuncle

We can post them on a voting thread one for each color so that the members can choose and vote their choices. What you guys think of this idea?
@Mitsuki I'd recommend first trying an old banner set to CSS 'cover' mode.

.doc_header {
background: url("/images/image.png") no-repeat center center scroll;
background-size: cover;

or for a slightly different effect:

.doc_header {
background: url("/images/image.png") no-repeat center center fixed;
background-size: cover;

The first code will make the image scroll with the page, the second code will make it 'stick' in position, which I think looks kind of cool and is typically how I use 'cover' :)

In either case, this will make the image always fit the header on any size display. The header itself might need to be made a bit taller/shorter for the best overall fit, though.