FFX-2 FFX-2: Love It or Hate It?

Love it or hate it?

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I thought the game was pretty decent.
I thought the storyline was, quite frankly, ridiculous. They done well on FFX, then just ruined it with FFX-2
However, I still enjoyed playing the game. I spent endless hours mastering the dress-spheres, just because I'm a completionist with no life. I thought the dress-spheres were quite a fun addition to the game, and made for interesting battling. And a lot of the sub-plots were fun.
I think the game was lacking a special "something", but it was still good for some casual playing.

The game itself I found enjoyable and fun, it was something different,
but I think having tidus come back at the end was a mistake. It ruined the end of FFX where tidus actually disappears for good, yeah its a shame but it made the ending that much more emotional and believable.
Other then that I
thoroughly enjoyed the game.
oh compared to FFX this game isnt that good. The music isnt as good (most of the time) and the story was really silly but i really liked Yuna more in X-2 because ... well, she was a little annoyingly quiet and nice and kind and everything in FFX. But i didnt think the garment grids or dress spheres were that bad and it was nice to see normal levelling again. But the game could have been soooo much better... but still i dont hate it, and to me it has a really nice charm =)
The game SUCKED!!!!!! What the hell are the Dress Spheres for????? I hated this game with a burning passion and it gives me doubts about a couple of others now.
The game SUCKED!!!!!! What the hell are the Dress Spheres for????? I hated this game with a burning passion and it gives me doubts about a couple of others now.

Dress spheres are like jobs. So you hated it because it had dress spheres? :P
I am in limbo, somewhere between love and hate, but a lot closer to hate than love. There are some good things about this game. To begin with, there is the battle system. I actually enjoyed the real-time mechanics (purely because of my bias - a natural preference for real-time over FFX's system as it did feel swifter) and yes, the dresspheres are silly in concept, but I've enjoyed the job system seen in FFIII and FFV, and I actually liked being able to switch between jobs midway through battle and change strategy (something I do give FFXIII credit for using as well). However, I did miss that little customisation-edge to the game and I'm thinking of something like FFX with the Sphere Grids. As far as I recall, FFX-2 never gave you a chance to do much customisation - if any - I don't think you could even buy weapons and equipment.

Okay now, what did I hate? Is it me or does FFX-2 feel rather...lazy? There's hardly anything very new in the world of Spira save the new Kilika and a new area of Gagazet which was alright, but they could have gone a bit further and the only real new area they made was in the International version, which we...never got over here. I know this being Spira two years later you can't exactly overhaul it all of a sudden, but to someone who has already played FFX, there isn't much fun in retracing the same locations again. I also hated what you have to do to get the perfect 100%. I hated some of the sidequests such as the one involving the bachelor chap in the Calm Lands and having to watch the Commspheres constantly was not exactly my idea of fun. Fortunately that wasn't fully compulsory, so I never bothered too much.

Oh my God, the story...where to start? It starts off with a concert? FFX had Zanarkand wrecked by a giant blob and FFX-2 starts off with a tone so contrasting that it's just beyond odd? What is the deal with Leblanc impersonating Yuna? That is never explained, as is why she threw that Garment Grid (which she stole) back to Yuna at the beginning. I just don't know how to respond to Leblanc. At first she seems like she's brought Team Rocket to Spira and is some sort of comical character. The next she is pathetically swooning over Nooj like some desperate teenager as if the writers at this point gave up on her.

This brings me to the main characters. I liked Paine actually. She's a nice contrast to the other two and comes out with some decent dialogue - I did cheer whenever she expressed annoyance towards her colleagues. Rikku has now become a hyperactive 10 year old, regressing from that Rikku I actually grew to like a lot in FFX. Yuna - oh dear God, what the heck happened to you? 2 years isn't that long, but seriously, what happened to you? It's like a total character change a lot of the time (I know the idea of "change" is a big FFX-2 motif but still...) and she too seems to have regressed in age whenever Rikku is swanning around. The outfits seem really stupid as well, be it the ridiculous mousetail of Yuna's or Rikku's beach attire. Relying on some sex appeal and fanboy delight to sell the game now?

I failed to care much about Shuyin and Lenne for some reason. I just didn't. The initial parallels with Tidus and Yuna was a little interesting at first, but I was more interested in the ambiguity of Nooj and Baralai but other than that, the story never really appealed to me much. I was also too fixated on how different in tone the game often felt compared to FFX, so much so that I was wondering to myself whether this is the same Spira at all. I suppose the non-linear nature of it is alright. A bit more choice was a good idea and it never really screwed up the overarching story in any major way. To also conclude, I hate Brother with a passion. I didn't like him when he was an Al-Bhed speaking mohawk guy in FFX, I certainly don't like him when he now speaks English and lusts for Yuna in a rather creepy way every 5 minutes.
Hate, hate, hate. Hate, hate. Hate.

Final Fantasy X-2. A sequel to a game that's not even that good any way. X-2 was basically just going across the same game, AGAIN. Yeah, somethings are different. New characters, new factions, but it is just the same world from X.

The story is so throw away. Yuna and her Femme Fatale fighting group go around the world and pound on everything doing "Missions" try to be the best gang in Spira. YAWN.

The dialogue leaves something to be desired. The whole time characters are talking, I'm just begging for it to end so I can at least go clobber something to keep the little interest I already have.

The only thing this game had going for it was the Class System, which was awesome and the New Game Plus feature, which I love in any game.

But why would a sequel have to made for FFX???

Personally, no Final Fantasy game needs a sequel. The games have a Start and Finish. There are always the classic "I wonder what happens afterward..." thought, but none of the games really have enough pull to prompt sequels. But FFX??

X was sub par. Nothing special. Did we really need to find out what happened? Just let Tidus die or go back dreamland. The was the only part of X I thought was good. The main character dies(or disappears or whatever). X-2 ruined X's twist.
I personally loved the game. It was fun and light-hearted, which makes a nice change in comparison to the heavy atmosphere you get in the main games. And you got to have lots of nice outfits for the characters, so you could personalise each person's battle tactics in relation to what you wanted them to do, or what you wanted them to wear.

I personally love Yuna's thief outfit. Paine's outfits are probably my least favourites, but it's not a slight against Paine. Just her fashion sense. XD
I agree with Fleur.

I am in-between love and hate, but more on the hate side.

Yuna was an innocent yet outgoing girl, and I liked THAT Yuna. Then they turn her into a slut! Rikku went from cute to slut. Paine was alright, but I thought she was too much like Lulu. (Love Lulu but it's like she's copying her.)

The music was just terrible. Awful. Sounded like they threw it together in 5 minutes.

The gameplay was actually pretty decent. I liked choosing what abilities you were gonna lean next, and dresspheres were fun.

The story didn't appeal to me too much. It was rushed, and I felt that Yuna wasn't that great of a leader during it. And for the story to succeed, you need a leader that dives into it. Yuna was always just going with the flow.
I like this game a lot, but I do not love it. Final Fantasy X is my favorite game of all time, so naturally I enjoyed being able to revisit most of the locations and being able to see the major characters two years later. I loved the combat, though I felt that the game's "percentage" system made the game tedious and prompted to me play the game too attentively. Still, it adds a lot of replay value that is absent from most other Final Fantasy games. The storyline isn't that great, but being able to see Tidus and Yuna reunite at the end was one of the most heartwarming moments I've experienced in any game.
i thought it was cool, my favorite thing in the game was the mascot dress spheres when i got them and looked at their abilities i thought i was going to have a seizure, but i definitely didn't enjoy fighting angramanyu
Love it. I love it because I was completely 100% obsessed with the FFX story at the time, and although the game was very cheesy in some ways - I loved it for it. I liked the dress sphere collecting and constantly restarting the game so I could aim to get 100% xD good times.
I still find it hard to decide either way. On the one hand, the battle system was decent and I liked the basic story of Yuna searching for Tidus, only to find that the man she's seen is the lover of another woman - Lenne adn Shuyin's story was quite sad too! However, I HATED what they did to Yuna's character. Her outfit was the main problem. She just regressed back to the age of about 15 and became far too peppy. :argh:
It's all right. The storyline is pretty cheesy and dumb, Yuna's look is annoying, but I liked her change of attitude, and side quests were as annoying as ever. Still, it had good music, and I can think of a few games that sucked much harder.
I personally enjoyed the game, at first I was a bit on the fence with the opening scene. But as the game went on I began to enjoy it more, something about playing a sequel to a game and revisiting places that were journeyed on before, makes me feel nostalgic. Though I know some people hate Yuna's new look I somehow liked it, it made her look her age just like in FFX, her look made her look her age.

Her new look was a sign that she was growing up. Whether people liked it or not, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
if anything Yuna in X-2 became immature, weak and dependant, she was just copying Rikkus hyperactive style. She even says she was just copying her after that "Poopie" line.

Yuna in X was a strong willed character, she was just really pleasant and calm, unlike any other FF character.

That I would definitely have to disagree with, in X she had a weight hanging on her shoulders considering the out come of her pilgrimage. Or how she thought it was going to end, that was all she ever knew being a summoner at only seventeen. So of course in X-2 she was going to be a little carefree. I don't think she became dependent at all, Yuna, Rikku, and Paine were all a team so of course they were going to help one another out that doesn't mean that they became entirely too dependent on each other.
Well I only really like it, I wouldn't say love it. But it's a game I return to play quite often so that says something. I don't like what they did with yuna, but I quite like the story, Pein's an amazing character, there's so much to do, love the % you get at the end so you can keep trying to see everything. It's a really good game I think, but they did butcher Yuna's character fairly badly.

I rather enjoyed it (what I played of it so far). The whole all girl team doesn't bother me either and I liked the whole dress sphere system.