1. Final Fantasy VII IN 1 MINUTE

    Final Fantasy VII IN 1 MINUTE

    I present you entire FF7 in about 1 or 2 minutes, lets take a look on what is coming soon in the PS4 remake
  2. Final Fantasy IX IN 1 MINUTE

    Final Fantasy IX IN 1 MINUTE

    Entire game in about 1 minute.
  3. S

    Advent Children What does Advent Children mean to you?

    Hello all! Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children has been my favorite movie ever since it came out, and for the past few years, Ive been studying it to find out why I like it so much. This has included examining similar CGI movies to see why nothing has quite reached its caliber. I recently wrote...
  4. rowe

    Let's Review: Final Fantasy XV

    Let's give some well thought out reviews of the game. Was the story great or lackluster? How were the characters? Was the battle system amazing, or confusing? Go ahead, we want to hear (read?) your detailed thoughts. :grin:
  5. Ryatta

    Reviews Kingdom Hearts 2; Critical Analysis

    My long awaited.. hopefully.. study on KH2. Same kind of thing as with the FFXIII videos.. long. so bring a sandwich
  6. Ryatta

    Reviews Exist Archive Review (TLDW: It's Valkyrie Profile in all but name!)

    I took a look at Exist Archive as I herd it was a spiritual sucessor to the Valkyrie Profile series.. however it's almost an exact copy but with art that's just less interesting.. a hybrid between the main to VP games but made on a much lower budget unfortunately.
  7. Ryatta

    Reviews Final Fantasy XIII Series Analysis

    For anyone who read my introductory thread in the forums this is the video series I turned my dissertation on FFXIII into, I hope you find it interesting. Though the first video looks old now buy quality standards by the Lightning Returns on I've got a more refined style for doing these sorts of...
  8. Sprout

    Anime Anime Review Contest [PRIZE]

    Hey all, here comes an anime review contest for everyone and anyone to enter once each! The reward: a 48 hour guest pass for crunchyroll! There's only one available, so I'd make your review extra special :monocle:. Here come the rules: - Text or video are allowed. Go for whichever you prefer...
  9. Sprout

    Reviews Theme Hospital PS1 Review

    Hi folks, I decided to try my hand at making a video review, which seems to have worked out...alright. Thing is, I think all the reviews in the review section are all text-based, so I'm wondering if this is allowed? Either way, I'm gonna put my review here and gimme a shout if it needs to be...
  10. Ramiel

    Final Fantasy XIV gets a 4.0 score from GameSpot [10/7]

    "Square Enix's laborious online role-playing game is a step backward for the genre." I don't know what I should say other than...
  11. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Just Cause 2 review embargo lifts, we round ‘em up [3/23]

    he review embargo for Just Cause 2 has lifted and the results are starting to trickle-in. General consensus? Rather good. As a matter of fact, it seems as though Avalanche has put out a game that looks up at you with its large puppy dog eyes and says: “Please take me home. I am a really good...
  12. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Edge gives Final Fantasy XIII a 5 [3/5]

    ...out of 10. That FFXIII 10 from GamesRadar? That’s now been canceled out. With a five. From Edge. Here’s a snip: Some people don’t like numbers, but try this little sum. If you submit 25 hours of your life to a misjudged series of linear battles and cutscenes, Square Enix lets you play...
  13. Amizon

    Video Gamer - Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Review [3/5]

    After 20 hours, Final Fantasy XIII granted me permission to decide for myself which three playable characters should be in my party. After 25 hours, Final Fantasy XIII granted me permission to decide for myself how I should develop the characters in my party. After 30 hours, Final Fantasy XIII...
  14. Amizon

    Push Square - Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Review [3/5]

    Final Fantasy XIII’s greatest strength is its obsessive attention to detail in every element of its universe. The gameplay, while boasting an interestingly paced battle mechanic, is often far too monotone. But ultimately, you’ll sit through the occasional bouts of tedium simply because...
  15. Amizon

    The Sixth Axis - Final Fantasy XIII Review [3/5]

    The Final Fantasy series of games has become almost legendary over the course of its, soon-to-be thirteen, iterations. It is, without a shadow of doubt, the poster-child for RPG gaming. The latest game to bear the title has been in development for what seems like an age, with Square Enix...
  16. Amizon

    IGN - Final Fantasy XIII Review [3/5]

    Followers of Final Fantasy are used to waiting; the thirteenth instalment is only the third offline entry in the last ten years, and the first to embrace the HD generation that's such a perfect canvas for Square Enix's epic and consistently beautiful vision. It's fitting then that now it's...
  17. Amizon

    RPG Site - Final Fantasy XIII Review [3/5]

    Sitting down and typing the review for Final Fantasy XIII is kind of surreal. Announced almost a full four years ago at E3 2006, the game has felt for a long time like it was never going to come out. After a multitude of issues, delays, the game is finally here in the disc drives of my...
  18. Amizon

    Digital Spy - Final Fantasy XIII Review [3/5]

    Also available on: 360 Developer: Square Enix Publisher: Square Enix Genre: Role-playing game Square Enix hasn't lost its flair for production. From the regular jaw-dropping vistas down to its glossy cutscenes and stylised menus, the Final Fantasy series continues to be nothing short of a...
  19. Gingerbread Lesbian

    First English FFXIII review from GamesRadar goes with 10 [3/4]

    GamesRadar has gone live with the first full English review for Final Fantasy XIII anywhere in the world.The score? Ten.Here’s a snip from the review: “It’s hard to talk about Final Fantasy XIII without getting into a debate about what an RPG should or shouldn’t be. With a series as beloved and...
  20. Sabriel

    Square Enix Attempts To Explain Low Western Reviews [2/16]

    Reviews and reactions for Final Fantasy XIII have been mixed. Some love it. Some don't. But Final Fantasy XIII director Motomu Toriyama claims to know why Western critics might not dig the game. "We think many reviewers are looking at Final Fantasy XIII from a western point of view," says...