final fantasy viii

  1. Dionysos

    FFF Mythology Manual: Siren

    FFFMM - Siren: Seductive Song The Sirens are amongst Greek mythology's most characteristic monsters. Usually envisioned as half-bird, half-woman, Sirens lure distracted sailors with sweet music causing them to ruin their ships on the rocks. They embody the treacherous zone where sea meets land...
  2. B


    Hello Everyone , im looking for background image ( pictures ) of FF VIII , if anyone has it and mind to share download link i appreciate it. original one or screenshoots would be good. Thank you
  3. Dionysos

    ‘SeeD: The Beginning’ by Micah Rodney with M.J. Gallagher – free ebook has launched!

    SeeD: The Beginning is a fan written Final Fantasy VIII novel authored by Micah Rodney with M. J. Gallagher. With interior art by Kayley Henderson, cover art by Fiveonthe and the cover design produced by Alex Maine (lead organiser of KupoCon) this collaborative effort chronicles the earliest...
  4. R

    Ultimate Final Fantasy Collection for sale!!

    Hey everyone, Firstly I'm sorry if I'm breaking any kind of forum rule by advertising this here. I wanted to find hardcore FF fans who would appreciate my collection and possibly be interested in taking it off of my hands. I am regrettably selling my giant Final Fantasy collection. I have...
  5. ElvenAngel

    Fan Fiction Running Storm - a retelling of the FF8 Intro

    Done a few years ago for a forum contest about rewriting the intro of FF8. It was a last minute entry (not for drama, my internet just sucked monkey bottom back then)...which then kinda won. Comments are appreciated :3 Running Storm A retelling of the opening scene of Final Fantasy VIII...
  6. Daenerys

    FFVIII out on EU PSN store [2/4]

    After months of teasing and waiting, FFVIII will be put onto the European PSN store today! It's the same price as FFVII too, at £7.99. Source - PSN Blog
  7. B

    Final Fantasy VIII European PS Store Release Date Announced [1/21]

    Mike Kebby has revealed on his playstation blog that FFVIII will finally be released on the European Playstation store on the 4th of Febuary. See link below.
  8. moogling

    Final Fantasy VIII still on track for a January release in EU

    Cue the Final Fantasy VIII victory fanfare theme, the game is still coming out this month! Final Fantasy VIII is a great game and Europeans are still waiting for it to hit the PSN. The game had some issues during the QA process but that looks to be a thing of the past. We reported last month...
  9. Daenerys

    FFVIII out on US PSN Store Now

    Final Fantasy VIII has been released to download from the North American Playstation Network Store. This means you can download FFVIII on your PS3, and even put it on your PSP! Sources :
  10. moogling

    Final Fantasy VIII “Coming Soon” to US PlayStation Store

    According to the latest PlayStation Network newsletter, Square Enix’s hit role-playing game Final Fantasy VIII is on its way to the PlayStation Store. At the bottom of the newsletter, under the “Coming Soon” section, it lists: District 9 (Movie), BUZZ! Quiz World and Final Fantasy VIII. How...
  11. J

    FF8 might not come out on PSN this year‘heads-up’-playstation-store-update-26th-november-2009/ Man i'm so pissed, if this is for NA PSN too maaaaaan. This is not fair T_T read the comments i mean
  12. Eight

    Final Fantasy VIII PSN EU Release confirmed

    A recent slip from Mike Kebby of the EU PSN store has indeed confirmed that Final Fantasy VIII will soon be avaliable for download in the European PSN Store. (Which likely means NA should be expecting it too, going by FFVII) Source...
  13. Gingerbread Lesbian

    [TGS'09]Final Fantasy VIII released on Japanese PSN

    During their press conference at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony revealed that Final Fantasy VIII is now available to download on the Japanese Playstation Store. The classic RPG was first released on the Playstation in 1999. It will be joining Final Fantasy VII as a digital download for the...