final fantasy iv

  1. VillainFan42

    SPOILERS My Problems with Final Fantasy 4

    I recently decided to replay a bunch of Final Fantasy games, and while my love for 6 and 10 were re-confirmed, I noticed that Final Fantasy 4 didn't hold up very well. Now, don't get me wrong, I think it's a fine game, probably the point where the series finally got a feel for what it was. But...
  2. Blackdrazon

    Final Fantasy Marathon Journals - FFIV

    For the past five or six years now, my friend Kyle and I have been trying to play through the Final Fantasy games. "All of them?" I said. "All of them," he said. It would be new to me: besides the not-actually-Final-Fantasy "Legends" subseries, my experience with the franchise had been...
  3. SquallKefka17

    Help Final Fantasy IV Level Up/Balance Party for Lunar Subterrane

    Hi Playing through Final Fantasy IV on PSP. I've been a little clumsy levelling up (taking on Queen Asura at level 35 was not the best idea ). I have my party at levels 47(Rydia) to 50 (Kain and Cecil). I defeated the 4 Elemental archfiends with around 110,000 HP fairly easy along with CPU but...
  4. Beret

    FFIV in Minecraft (LARGE IMAGES)

    || PMC THREAD: || Follow me on Facebook: [Sir Beret] | [FFIV Minecraft Project] Hello! Been a while. I'd like to remind everyone I am not dead, I just don't update this officially a lot. I got a lot of work done since the...
  5. DarkXShadowX21

    Final Fantasy IV {iPhone}

    Final Fantasy IV is now on iPhone! This game so far has been great! Here are some screenshots of my journey!
  6. Gingerbread Lesbian

    [22/03] Final Fantasy IV Creator Discusses The "Interlude" Episode In The PSP Remake

    Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection may be another remake of Final Fantasy IV, but Takahashi Tokita, the lead designer for the original game, created a new brand new story. The Interlude episode takes place between Final Fantasy IV and its sequel The After Years. During the 15 hour...
  7. Gingerbread Lesbian

    [12/03] Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Comes With Dissidia 012 DLC

    Square Enix is bundling Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection with a couple of bonus items. North American copies include Final Fantasy IV cards with artwork from Yoshitaka Amano. A Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy DLC code is in the package too for Cecil’s "Knight of the Twin Moon"...
  8. Gingerbread Lesbian

    [28/02] Square Enix Give Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection The Special Treatment In Europe

    It appears as though all of Square Enix’s major PSP games are getting special edition releases in Europe. Following in the footsteps of Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together and The 3rd Birthday, Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection will be available as a special edition, too. The Final Fantasy...
  9. Gingerbread Lesbian

    [28/02] New Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Trailer Released

    Square Enix shared a new Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection trailer at the game's official site today. Have a look below: The trailer shows sections from FFIV and The After, along with a bit from the "Interlude" chapter that comes between them (at the 1:39 mark). Source: Andriasang
  10. Gingerbread Lesbian

    [23/02] Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection's Interlude Chapter Detailed

    What comes after Final Fantasy IV but before Final Fantasy IV The After Years? This week's Famitsu reveals the answer to be "Final Fantasy IV Interlude." Interlude is the name of the new scenario Square Enix has been promising for the PSP compilation of FFIV and its sequel The After Years. The...
  11. Setzer Gabbiani

    Close Look at the Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Ultimate Pack [1/21]

    The ultimate Final Fantasy IV fan will have a chance to buy the ultimate Final Fantasy IV collection in March. Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection, a PSP compilation of Final Fantasy IV and direct sequel The After Years, arrives in March, and Square Enix is readying a special "Ultimate...
  12. Channizard

    [12/13] Final Fantasy IV Compilation Hits PSP ...a remake.. again. Isn't this the... fourth or something? So where's our V and VI remakes? Don't they come first? :rage:
  13. moogling

    Final Fantasy IV Summoned For Virtual Console

    Final Fantasy XIII comes out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this week. What do Wii owners in North America get? Final Fantasy IV or Final Fantasy II as its called on the Virtual Console. Square Enix’s Super Nintendo classic will be available as a digital download later today. This version is...
  14. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Coming To Wii

    Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Coming To Wii Our trademark research was right on the money! Square Enix will release Final Fantasy IV: The After, a direct sequel to Final Fantasy IV, in North America under the name Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. The ESRB spilled the surprise rating...