1. Miko

    SPOILERS So, is Tidus an Aeon then?

    I'm not gonna spoiler mark everything in this thread/post, but there is a Spoiler tag on this thread, so just be aware if you've never played this game at this point. Just beat FFX again since the first time in quite a few years. I'm realizing now that I didn't truly understand the plot quite...
  2. C

    Just Finished FFX! Now what?

    I am fairly new to the Final Fantasy series and Final Fantasy X is the first of the series that I played. To be completely honest, I became really frustrated towards the end of the game because of how draggy it was. In fact, I was so frustrated that I ended up watching the remaining cutscenes...
  3. F

    A Good Send-Off for Auron

    Reply "Goodbye, Auron" and give him a good send-off. Guys, he certainly deserves this.:XD:
  4. Laro

    The Philosophy of Dream Zanarkand

    Final Fantasy X made me think though… what if all of us here on Earth are really just a dream of a planet that was destroyed a long time ago? What if we are all only ghosts, replications of real people who used to exist just like us? In Dream Zanarkand, people don’t go out of the city’s borders...
  5. GothicSyn

    A Colliding Opinion

    So I've recently had several conversations with a friend as he tries to match me in terms of Final Fantasy games, so much so when I collected the Final Fantasy X Plat his reply was "If you can do it, it can't be that hard" So he bought the game and has done nothing but complain since. Don't...
  6. rowe

    Fan Fiction Final Fantasy X: Consequence of Revelation

    Setting 143 years post-Final Fantasy X-2. Commerce and blitzball thriving worldwide. Many new cities and towns constructed. Bevelle remains Spira's seat of power, yet changed from 143 years prior. Al Bhed accepted into society, for the most part. Story's Focal Points The full excavation of...
  7. rowe

    [IC] Final Fantasy X role play/story #2.

    (Be sure to check out the thread for the first FFX rp/story idea, too.) This is the second FFX rp/story idea, which takes place during an undisclosed time well after FFX/FFX-2. The story will begin just before some massive issues, primarily involving a "cataclysmic" event and a global war...
  8. rowe

    [IC] Final Fantasy X role play/story #1.

    (Be sure to check out the thread for the second FFX rp/story idea, too.) Personally, I think it's easy to expand upon FFX, Spira, its history, etc. Thus, I'm actually thinking of two role play/story ideas. This is the first, and it revolves around the era in which the Machina War takes place...
  9. M

    Piano Collections errors

    Hi, I enjoy the music in FFX very much, and I am currently learning some of the scores from the Piano Collections. Unfortunately, there are mistakes/inaccuracies in the sheets :( E.g. the ending in Rikku's Theme is 4 measures too short! So, does anyone know if there are corrected versions of...
  10. C

    Hello from me! :D

    Hi everyone! I am Caroline, and am so excited to join this forum. I have been a FF lover since I was around 8 maybe, thanks to my Dad who played FF IX at the moment - so I was like "Wow what game is thaaat!" and the excitement continues until today. I played FF VIII, X, X-2 and XII but my...
  11. K

    Final Fantasy X roleplay!

    Hi there, folks! I'm kinda new on this site so I'm not so very sure if it's here i'll post my RP, but this was the closest to RP. hehhee. Enjoy! I was thinking about making an RP about Final Fantasy X with made up caracters, not them in the game. So we RolePlay our way through in our own way. I...
  12. C

    Clarification of the Story?

    Clarification of the Story? (Spoilers) FFX is my absolute favorite of the series, but it's been about three or four years since I beat it. (As an aside, FFXIII isn't as bad as everyone says it is; FFX was just as linear but the gameplay and characters and story were just that much better) To...
  13. 王 Yoshida

    [13/09] Final Fantasy X HD Coming to PS3 and Vita

    Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy X is in development for PlayStation 3 Vita. The news was delivered at Square Enix’s TGS 2011 conference. A representative said that development is progressing, but didn’t share any actual details. He told fans to be patient for updates. For those...
  14. S

    FFXII Anthem in FFX video

    I put the FFXII anthem to some CG scenes in FFX http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbmPuyijqQE&NR=1
  15. Linnaete

    [22/03] Final Fantasy XI, XIV Restart on Friday

    Like many online game operators, Square Enix took Final Fantasy XI and XIV offline following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Today, the company announced that service on the two titles, along with Play Online, will restart on March 25 (Friday) at 20:00 (Japan time). The reason service...