1. T

    Dark Fantasy game recommendations?

    I've been in the mood for some dark fantasy recently, but I haven't had much luck finding ones that scratch that specific itch. I'm looking for a certain kind of atmosphere and mood, so I'm flexible when it comes to gameplay. Settings that deal with the occult and demonic threats, and the...
  2. JivelyGames

    Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 - Insane Difficulty

    Hi there everyone! I've started a new project: Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 is a hard-type mod found on ngplus under the Insane Difficulty Archives. Following is the description of the mod: "Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 is a difficulty and content modification for Final Fantasy Tactics. The primary...
  3. greenyxi

    Let's Replap Final Fantasy 9 [PS4][FIN]!

    Let's Replap Final Fantasy 9! Hey there folks, I'm really excited to bring to you the start of a new let's replay! Final Fantasy 9 has always been one of my favourite games and since it was my first ever let's play, it holds a special place in the ol' blood pumper. For those who don't know...
  4. greenyxi

    YouTube FFF Member YouTube Channels

    Hey all, here's where you can advertise your YouTube channels and rake in the views! I'll keep a list here and update it every now and again. If you can include a link to your YouTube channel in your post along with the username you use over there. A quick summary of what your channel is about...
  5. Red Fox

    [SU/D] The Wishing Grail

    The Wishing grail. ------------ This RP is [CLOSED] for entrants at this time. ------------ Link to IC thread: ------------ There is a legend of a magical grail that is said to bestow the drinker with a wish. The...
  6. greenyxi

    Playstation PS4 Community Sign-Ups!

    Hey all, with the PS4's 3.00 update we found out there's a new feature: communities! So, we decided to throw one up for this very forum. It'll help us all gather together on our PS4s and have parties, chat, beat each others' brains in (on games!!!) etc. So, if you want to join the community, it...
  7. greenyxi

    Let's Play Final Fantasy 10!

    Hey there folks, welcome to a brand new let's play! Final Fantasy 10 is the last truly amazing FF game to be released, so I'm extremely excited to bring this to you :). I've put so much effort into just the first episode and opening and I'm gonna try over and over until I can make each...
  8. mikewalton206

    My Custom FF Characters New RPG

    Working on my rpg game summons. Any cool summon ideas? Making the game in rpg maker VX ace
  9. S

    Final Fantasy 1&2 or Origins?

    Is the NES or PSX better in your opinion?
  10. T

    Looking for a unique fantasy game.

    Well basically I'm a bit tired of the same medieval fantasy world seen in the majority of mainstream titles, so I'm looking for change of scenery. -The gameplay genre isn't too important, as I'm more interested in the world, it's lore and most importantly design. -I want the story have many...
  11. T

    Square Enix plotting to destroy Nintendo!!

    Think about it, WHY would Square Enix bother to delay their e3 conference only because it interferes with Nintendo's? Could there be a new partnership? Ha! You wish! I say, it's because the loyal fanbase has had ENOUGH!! It's taken years but finally FF will reign supreme and kill the great...
  12. G

    Final Fantasy Top 10

    Hey I'm new to this forum and YouTube and wanted to discuss this very topic with other final fantasy fans. If you were to rank your own top ten FF titles which ones would it be? I made a video with my top ten and I am yet to see any list be remotely the same. I would like to know your opinion...
  13. SquallKefka17

    Help Final Fantasy IV Level Up/Balance Party for Lunar Subterrane

    Hi Playing through Final Fantasy IV on PSP. I've been a little clumsy levelling up (taking on Queen Asura at level 35 was not the best idea ). I have my party at levels 47(Rydia) to 50 (Kain and Cecil). I defeated the 4 Elemental archfiends with around 110,000 HP fairly easy along with CPU but...
  14. Ultima_Weapon87

    What are your top 3 favorite final fantasy games?

    What are your top 3 favorite final fantasy games of all time and why? I will post mine later.
  15. greenyxi

    Let's Play Final Fantasy Tactics (WotL)!

    Here's the opening for Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions for PSP! Thank you so much Square for making such an amazing game! I'm slightly disappointed that it's so underplayed, 'cause it's one of the better FF games for sure. Haven't heard about Tactics...
  16. greenyxi

    Let's Play Crystal Chronicles!

    Welcome to a new let's play: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles! This is available on the Nintendo Gamecube and is made by Square Enix. It's not quite the traditional FF game, because it's more of an action RPG, but it's still really fun. This will be played on single player. It won't be a daily...
  17. Caladbolg

    FFXIV: ARR Graphic settings (question) PC

    Hi, could someone please help me? I decided to buy FFXIV: ARR (PC), but i don't know on what graphic settings should i play it. This is what I have: Intel Core i5 - 3230M, 2.6GHz Memory (RAM): 8 Nvidia GeForce GT 720M (2gb) Any answers? :)
  18. D

    FFXIII-2 record score against Chaos Bahamut in ???AF Valhalla?

    Hej guys, I'm wondering if does someone know the maximum score you can get against Chaos Bahamut in ???AF Valhalla (Prequel), my best point is 130,015 so far, is this the max? my battle duration was 1:01 I have tried it many times to get this best score of mine so far, did someone reach a better...
  19. greenyxi

    Let's Play Final Fantasy 8!

    Hey there everyone, here's the opening to my next series: Final Fantasy 8! FF8 is a turn-based JRPG with random battles that was introduced to us all back in 1999. The characters, for the most part, are hugely entertaining to be around and the music is some of the best we've seen in an FF to...
  20. A

    Not very good at presentations but here I come...

    I just made 27 years old at 7th January (just to make sure you don't tell me I'm that guy who tells you nothing :P), I live in Portugal, and how my Final Fantasy life started with a DEMO of Final Fantasy VII on PC, looong time ago already, but that was when I really wanted to...