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  • Yes. But there isn't a single gift in the shop that can display our level of love-making ~ :britt:
    When we do there probably won't be any genie left to come out of his lamp . :wacky:
    Indeed, I do love ladies with lots of stamina . :britt:
    Well he's going to be at it all night, cause I'll never get tired of this ~ :wacky:
    One day you'll see things our way, and you'll have to cross over to the HORDE. We have grape drank :edd:
    Absolutely, if youre taking the time and effort and expense to get down here il get the beers and food in :D
    Same, I think IRL stuff has kinda taken us both over for a while there!

    I keep having sb issues as well, so Im still struggling to communicate proper, arghhh
    I miss you too =3

    If i ever get to england i'm so ninja'ing you from your bf....

    Joking!!!! <3 i'm not that mean.
    -whips out the strawberries and ice cream- :yay:

    (More than likely . :ahmed: But hey, you can't really blame him . :wacky:)
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