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  • Ok I'll be here if you need a talk. And Btec is more qualifying than a GCSE and the course IT is computer related stuff like coding and web building.

    And thanks for that. It's really cheered me up and is encouraging =D
    What do you hope to do then?
    Awww =[ Anyway I can help you out then? work wise or just want a talk?
    I study Btec lv 1 IT and hoping to pass to lv 3. When I leave I want to design my own MMORPG online. And I'm gonna talk to ma dad for 1. But if you want a PSP wait till November or December for the PSP2.

    But I'm always here if you need to talk about things that are causing you trouble. =]
    Awww =[ I hope you do well. What are your problems with school? Actually what year are you in? I remember my years crystal clear and I guess I could cheer you up. But I'm kinda cool thanks =] I've almost done my first year at my college and I'm focusing on going to the lv 2 of my course. But right now I'm trying to get ma hands on a PS3. =p
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