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  • Japanese has some of the wierdest shit i've ever seen on daytime television :wacky:
    Amsterdam is lawless when it comes to drugs and sexual acts.

    I'm saying they learned from the Japanese lol
    There's parks where people take advantage of the night cover and bushes where horny couples have sex :)

    Stuff ya see in hentai and anime isn't ALWAYS made up, some of it has truths mixed in aswell~!
    Next they'll have infra-red satellite cams to peek into women in the shower or making out.

    Hell, NASA are probably already perving on the japs having outdoor sex in the parks~
    Google is the world's best friend :ryan:

    Can imagine the look on the faces of law enforcers when they find out how thieves plan out their attacks and find google maps in their search history!
    I've never robbed a bank before :gonk:

    There's always a first time for everything though! :monster:
    You need more visitor messages. Srsly, I find the lack of love for you so disturbing. :sad3:
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