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  • Pretty balls way to spend a sunday D=
    Shoulda seen the state of me on friday night, it was an embarassment :(
    Possibly... one day. It's even more of an effort now than it was when I was home. I'm now on the other side of the country and it costs a bomb even to get home :(
    Long story short. Wednesday night Kayleigh threw herself at him, I went to confront her about it and her friend shoved her hand in my face and bit me on the arm so I did the natural reaction and shoved her backwards (on the chest - important fact). Then last night he came and profusely denied getting with her and was like "You punched her friend" and I was like "The fuck did I punch her!!" then he did a sharp subject change and went "If you'd have done anything I'd--" then I turned round and went "Or you'd fucking what, eh!?"

    Bitch of a rugby guy walked off. Pwned. :mokken:
    Actually, I believe that would be Scotland. But fear not, I don't bear any personal grudges if they do. :wacky:
    I'm stealing your message virginity. Born This Way is amaaazing, thanks for sharing once again!
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