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    Post Prompto's Pics!

    I got this photo pretty early on - my first defeated Iron Giant, thanks to my first Blizzaga, and my first awesome picture.
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    Help Icicle Ridge?

    Brilliant - cheers! I can relax now.
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    Help Icicle Ridge?

    Hey guys. There's a path in the north of the first area in the Icicle Ridge that leads somewhere but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get to it. I am miles past Icicle Ridge in the game now. It looks like it's an area lower than where I'm standing, but there's nothing else...
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    Stranger Things (Netflix)

    I really don't get this show at all. It was perfectly okay, but I seem to be missing the hype. It didn't really feel unique, and I wasn't really drawn in by anyone.
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    The Death of Final Fantasy Forums

    Forums grew in popularity around the same time things like MSN are early social media popped up; I think part of the reason such a big group of people stayed here is because we all became good friends by continuing to chat on MSN etc. So, I am not so convinced that social media is the death of...
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    Let's Play Legend Of Dragoon!

    I bloody love this game but my discs are all rotten and it's not available on EU PSN, so I am living vicariously through this thread.
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    [08/06] Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 E3 2016 trailer; December release; KH3 announcements coming in winter

    I am both frustrated and excited by this. Part of the reason for the HD packages on PS3 was to tie up all of the nonsense spin-offs covering every console out there onto one platform. Now, we have a game exclusive to a platform not previously used, and it includes two new spin-offs. Can anyone...
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    FFF 'Then and Now'!

    Questions: 1. When did you first join FFF? I first joined in June 2006 - I think I am the oldest (semi-)active member! I joined in the actual week of birth. 2. How did you stumble upon FFF? I was lurking on Advent Children Forums as a new member following the closure of another forum I used...
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    [06/06] FFXII: The Zodiac Age announced for PS4; due in 2017

    A criminally underrated game - this is good news. I am a bit apprehensive about the job system - I have never liked jobs in any iteration other than FFX. Otherwise, my sole request for this game is that the lag between "heavy" spells is reduced. For example, when you cast Scourge, all of your...
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    FFXIII-4 Confirmed

    Okay, not really, but I had to share this. I took this picture of a "model" in the window of Louis Vuitton on Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona. I am sure most of you will agree that she is the spitting image of our dear Lightning. Final Fantasy XIII-4: Lightning's Career Change?
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    New Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and 3 Footage.

    Am I the only KH fan left?! Well, I don't blame you all, as SE has released a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Final Chapter Prologue, with a brief teaser of Kingdom Hearts II towards the end, suggesting that more effort is being placed in tying up the spin-offs before the last main title in the...
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    Article: Kingdom Hearts 3: Big Hero 6 World Announced

    [16/8] KH3: Big Hero 6 World Announced Evening all. As expected, D23 has dropped some news about KH3. Not much has been revealed other than the images and presence, but Sora will be joining Baymax in the near future. I haven't even seen this film yet and I'm quite excited. With Rapunzel's...
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    Article: FFVII Remake Confirmed (Coming first to PS4, more to come in winter)

    One thing I did forget to mention: "...CEO Yoichi Wada explained during the company's annual shareholder meeting that it would not remake the legendary RPG until it makes a brand new Final Fantasy...
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    Article: FFVII Remake Confirmed (Coming first to PS4, more to come in winter)

    In reference to the woes regarding potential retconning the story and the inclusion of children playing with Buster Swords, I have two points to make. First, this is a promotional trailer and may not necessarily be in-game scenes. Secondly, if they are in-game scenes, consider the context of the...
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    In your opinion, is pornography a bad thing

    A lot of people are discussing consent and money but a huge part of the debate is currently based around the psychosocial, and even physiological, impacts it can have on us. For example - some argue (and have evidence for) the fact that high "levels" of watching porn is associated with...