What do YOU believe?

What Do You Believe?

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The Spiritcaller
Mar 6, 2007
Guarding the gate to The Other Side.
Yes yes, we have our Christians and Catholics and Atheists and Buddhists and Jewish and Hindus and Muslims and the lot. Although, I'm sure quite a few of us disagree with certain concepts regarding the religion we are affiliated with (if any) that are either written in the books are spewed out during sermons.

So, here is the question;

What do you personally believe?

I don't want anyone bashing each other's beliefs here and going all "And you call yourself a -insert religion-?!" because they chose to ignore a certain portion of their religion since it conflicts their personal beliefs. Civil discussion only please.
Like I have said many times before in the past. I am an evolutionist Christian. I belive in this because, well.. Science becomes a lot more easier to understand. The big bang theory. A single point just exploded, but how did it get there in the first place. God put it there. Life, how the hell is it possible, the Lord made it so. With this theory, the Bible almost says that we are the most advanced race in the universe, the Lord picked us, he created us first. He sent down Jesus to us. Sorry for the ranting, but now I'm really excited. Anywho, what do you belive in Lady Eterna?
As far as the concept of God goes...
I believe there is something out there. Whether it is a tangible being or whether it has the power to control our destinies or whether it even has a gender is beyond any of us. Whatever is out there shaped us, sent us down here to develop, and is what we will truly see only once we pass on.

As far as Jesus goes...
I believe he was an actual person. Although he has done several great deeds, they may have been exaggerated. Turning water to wine, helping the blind see again, walking upon water...sounds more like an exaggeration to make him sound like the Son of God.

As far as The Bible goes...
No offense to the Christians and Catholics in here, but The Bible was written by man. Considering how humans would prefer to hear things as they would like to hear, the stories written in the bible have been altered throughout the years. In my personal opinion, The Bible is just a collection of moral stories that are meant to entice thought. The book should NOT be used in the court systems or meaningless arguments just because a certain phrase or sentence could be used in multiple points of view.

As far as fate, destiny, etc. goes...
We were all placed upon this planet to serve some sort of purpose. Every word that is said/typed, every person we meet/dismiss, and every little thing we do/don't do affects our future. Each day that passes is one step closer to fulfilling that purpose. Of course, everyone has a different purpose (for if we all had the same purpose, then life would be a helluva lot more monotonous). One person could be destined to run an entire country while another is destined to a life of routine. We could be placed on this world to create or destroy. Hell, some may be on this world just for the mere purpose of befriending a tormented person and giving them a person to talk to as well as a shoulder to cry on now and then. Not all of us are here to better the world.

...I'll post more as they come to mind. It's like...2:10 in the morning here and I may as well be rambling.
You belief is very interesting Darkstar. I believe something along those lines but slightly skewed from what you do.

I don't believe we are the most advanced race and I don't even believe that God purposely made us. I do believe that god made the universe and can watch us and interact with the world around us and us ourselves by putting ideas into our head. Ideas that we can not fathom where they arrived from. God is the ultimate form, yet he does not take absolute control. He simply allows us our will while guiding some of us in the direction he wishes. Be it on Earth or Nebularon, some distant alien planet with octopus people.
Well I guess I believe in God..I mean science has quite afew good points and some one will try their best to give answers if asked whereas you cant exactly ask God but I believe in Him...I mean have you ever asked for something in the nick of time and it actually happened..not like a hammer falling from the sky or a boss just giving up in a game..but you know maybe your walking home on a long hot day and you wished someone would pick you up and suddenly your family just happened to be passing by..some say its a coincidence but who knows..Its just an example but there are other incidents...anyways I think that someone listens to when I pray and I hope for the best that there really is a God.
I'm agnostic. I don't know if there is a god or higher being of any kind. And I'm happy living my life the way I do, without worship or prayer or anything. I believe we make our own choices without input from a god or higher being.
I believe in a higher being and that higher being is God. I believe in a Heaven and a Hell. I was born Catholic, however I do not follow the Catholic structure, ie The 10 Commandments.
I'm agnostic... But, I believe there is a God out there. What that god did was create all that is around us. Personally, though, I do not believe that that god has any control over our lives or tries to make contact with us in any way. The god just lets us do as we please...

As a bit of background, I was raised in a Christian family. I believe in the morals of the bible and so forth, and so on... But I really don't believe that God cares about people and their problems. I don't believe you can actually talk to god, either...
As far as I go, I believe in some basic concepts of some religious or spiritual beliefs. Karma being a good example, but I don't see it as some big controlling force in the universe. But by the law of averages; what goes around, comes around.

To me, all religion is utter crap. It's a simple and convenient way of explaining the previously unexplainable. "God created the universe, because it's simpler to explain." It's all far too sketchy and such.

If any religion is right, I'd say it would be Buddhism. Since the main aim of that is to be happy with yourself in what way you find can it, not out of devoting your life to some omniscient being who's very existence is questionable.
Well I'm agnostic 'cause I don't really know what to believe. There's no hard proof for God yet it's perfectly possible that God can't be disproved if he exists. If God is transcendent, there's no way to prove or disprove him... Too many possibilities! I like to think there's a God and an afterlife but Philosophy is opening my eyes to so many valid points against the reliability of the Bible. I've never been religious, nor athiest.
I do not believe. I do not believe in things that we do not know exist. God included. So I'm atheist, agnostic
or atheist-agnostic, whatever you call that.
I do not believe. I do not believe in things that we do not know exist. God included. So I'm atheist, agnostic
or atheist-agnostic, whatever you call that.
Atheistically agnostic?

I am the same way. I am an agnostic who leans more on the atheistic side of the fence than the theistic side. I really don't know what to believe. I do believe in logic, though. I believe in what I can sense. If I can use one of my 6 senses on it then it is real.
Well, I am supposedly catholic, but I prefer to have my own views on the whole thing. Like, yes Jesus may have existed, but whether or not he was the son of God I don't know. I guess I'm more agnostic really because I don't know what I believe.

Personally I think that the idea of organised religion is a bit silly, everybody believing the same thing and following this set of rules made up by the church ages ago.. If you are going to say that a God exists with no proof, then there could really be anything out there, as we can only sense what our 5 senses (although there are apparently like 22) let us.

I don't think of God as an actual being though, i think that he (or she/whatever) is more symbolic of.. everything, really. I wouldn't say that it applies so much to materialistic things though.. Like if i was to give an example, faith seems a nice place to start. The idea of God, and believing in him gives people faith, so without him (or the idea of him) then there would be no such thing as faith, if you get what I mean. And obviously, not everybody believes in him aswell, because if everybody believed in him, or if there was definite proof that he existed, then there also would be no such thing as faith. It's a complicated thing to explain, but I think you could make it apply to pretty much everything if you had the time.. it's just that 'everything' is such a wide area of subjects for me right now ^_^
i don't believe in god but i do believe that there is some force in the universe I think that the most important thing is that you believe in yourself.
Hmm. What do I believe? I believe a quote would suffice here ^_^

Togira Ikonoka said:
give credit only to that which can prove exists. Since cannot find evidence that gods, miracles, and other supernatural things are real, do not trouble [myself] about them. If that were to change, if [God] were to reveal himself to us, the would accept the new information nd revise [my] position.

Yes, that is a quote from a fantasy book, Eldest. However, regardless of where it comes from, it does illustrate what I believe. I also believe that one should live a humble, ethical life, rather than blindly devoting oneself to a god of which they cannot prove exists. I believe one can do so much more if they devote their time to helping solve the world problems, or educating themselves so that they can hep sole world problems, as opposed to kneeling in a chapel and chanting.

I don't deny the historical existence of certain figures, like Jesus, Sidhartha Gautauma (Buddha), and Muhammad, but I believe that's all they were, historical. Nothing divine about them, they were just people who managed to become great religious leaders.

All that being said, I do believe that there is a higher power out there. I'm not going to waste my time trying to find it, not when I can be helping others or furthering myself so that I can help them, but I do think that something must have started it. The only thing without a beginning is a circle, and the universe is not a chronological circle.
I was Christened but I'm not religious at all - Im not really sure how to expand on that lol. I just don't believe in God or anything....
What Do You Believe? And Why Do You Believe It?

What Religion do you believe in? or do not you believe in any religion?. This is the place to say what you believe(and why you believe it) And to discuss basicly. Please vote on the poll aswell.
You should've had an 'other' category, but yea, my religion is simplistically put at Christianity. I believe that there is God, and that he created all of us in his image. I believe that Jesus is his only begotten son and that he died for our sins.
However, I don't take everything the Bible says as literal. After two thousand years of rewriting and translating, things can be severely disfigured and altered.
Yeah Doaj the bible has a way of being..metaphorical in alot of ways and not everything I believe is suppose to be taken literally.