[V7] What are you currently listening to?

Make a heroes and heroines squad to kill monster with this song will be awesome:

And those FF characters with Aya Brea fight against demons in her timeline.
The menu theme:
Of course this version is a reboot.
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How do you feel about timing?
Have you met an earth sign with the Gemini rising?

I've been on the beach for days, only talking to the waves.
I can count on them to be consistent,
All the folks I know are fucking strange.

Get abstract and get paid,
We can kick shit both ways.
I can have my cake and eat it too,
Yeah, your mom said it's okay.

it's not on YouTube so :confused:
I've always loved tenten's voice, still sad they disbanded years ago...

Disillusioned as snow angels, who thought their wings were permanent.
In seclusion you were faithful or at least hid your finer print.
Many songs we have just posted up here. I think there might be slightly different by posting somekind of menu theme in a video game.
An inspiration for Nier: Automata. I remember this game.
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While not my favourite Depeche Mode track, it is quite catchy. Alan Wilder on the pinglethingy is pretty cool too.

And I'll use you as a warning sign,
That if you talk enough sense then you'll lose your mind.
And I'll use you as a focal point,
So I don't lose sight of what I want.

Thomas Dolby is further proof that the 1980s were weirdly awesome.

I keep changing my fav Tilian song every month lol....... this is May's :wacky:

This is the world we live in
And these are the hands we're given
Use them and let's start trying
To make it a place worth living in

Oh, Superman, where are you now?
When every thing's gone wrong somehow?
Men of steel, these men of power
I'm losing control by the hour

Don't really listen to anime music much anymore but I really enjoy this ending to AoT. :argh:
When finding another “The Gates” of Battlejuice for a boss theme from this:
I saw this one may also fit it:
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I feel that Brendan Perry is overlooked when compared with Lisa Gerrard (also from Dead Can Dance). But he deserves just as much praise and has also done his fair share of solo work. Such as this.
For better or worse, I hope one-day zombie becomes a timeline of Final Fantasy:
Thank Dionysos for caring and agreeing to the crazy idea of the timeline.
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