Star Ocean: The Divine Force invades your planet on 27 October worldwide

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Star Ocean: The Divine Force will warp into view on 27 October worldwide, as announced by developer Tri-Ace and publisher Square Enix. Announced back in October of last year, this spacefaring fantasy action RPG is the sixth mainline entry in the Star Ocean series and will dock on PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X & S consoles.

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According to the PlayStation store description:

Fly Around Areas Freely

In Star Ocean: The Divine Force, characters can freely move in 360° degrees and roam the skies.

Move and Explore Freely in Three Dimensions: Everything You See Can Be Explored!

You can move in three dimensions whilst flying around the largest environment ever.

Whether you’re flying around and exploring rockfaces and roofs of buildings in the city, or leaping off cliffs to seamlessly enter battles, you’ll have more freedom in terms of both adventuring and battling.

The Fastest and Strongest

While the game will give you space to play as you please, the scope of its battles has also evolved.

Characters can subdue a large number of enemies with super high-speed movement attacks, special abilities where you can vanish for a brief moment from right in front of your enemies’ eyes, and a skill which could kill in one hit!

This game will feature a challenging yet thrilling battle experience to enjoy while freely soaring in the skies.

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Release date trailer

Mission Report #1 - Main Characters & Combat



I want this to be good... but after the previous game I can't help but fear the limitations of the budget for this game once again. The previous game even had a decent trailer with decent scenariso shown but the actual experience was very bare. I still enjoyed SO5 more than most but I can't justify buying this day one without proof that the game will have more engaging scenes. The character models still look from the PS2/PS3 Era (Final Fantasy XIII looked A LOT better than this!) so the lack of budget does have me concerned. Navigating the enviornments with more verticality is interesting but all the times I have seen it in the trailers it seems the terrain isn't desgined for the ability.

I will be waiting for reviews on this but certainly cross my fingers, I like the more Sci-Fi inspired FF games so Star Ocean always has the potential to appeal to me but sadly never does.
This looks spectactular, with some cool new features but I'm kind of a retro guy in Star Ocean and my favorite is still The Second Story on PS1