Octopath Traveller 2 announced for PC (Steam), Switch and PlayStation - out 24 February 2023

OT2 title.jpg

The name Octopath Traveller may sound silly, but the title is very reflective of the adventure players will have. The first game from 2019 saw eight unique protagonists with their own individual stories to tell, and the freshly announced sequel, Octopath Traveller II, will seek to do much of the same. Here, players will have the chance to get to know eight more brand new protagonists when the game launches 24 February 2023 for PC (Steam), Switch, PS4 and PS5.

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Along with new characters and a fresh setting, the sequel also expands on the original with a day/night cycle.

If you're eager to check out the other entries in the series, the first Octopath Traveller is available on Switch, PC (via Steam), Xbox One and Google Stadia.

A spinoff game, known as Octopath Traveller - Champions of the Continent is currently available as a F2P mobile game on iOS and Android.



Glad to hear the sequel is on Playstation... (You knew this was coming right?) So, will the 1st game be appearing on PS4/PS5 anytime soon?


What is also weird is that the 1st game is on XBOX systems digitally, yet they're not gettign the sequel!

Personally I still have an Xbox One X, so if I really NEED to, I can still access the 1st game but if they're introducing it onto a new system they should have the courtesy to make the previous game available too.
The only logical explanation i can think of is that Nintendo paid extra money to delay PlayStation release on the first Octopath Traveller.

After that, Sony paid extra money to delay Xbox release, or this time they are now developing the game with PS4/5 first.