Dragon Quest X 'Offline' announced for 2022 in Japan; no word on western release yet

DQX Offline.jpg

An offline version of the venerable Japan-exclusive MMO title in the series is in the works. Dragon Quest X Offline, as the name suggests, will allow player to experience the narrative of the base version of Dragon Quest X without the need of an internet connection.

There is no word on platforms or release except a tentative 2022 release for Japan. Square Enix have not stated whether it is due for a localisation.

This is not a 1:1 translation of the actual MMORPG. As the trailer will show, this will in fact be a chibi-styled remake with Dragon Quest X's narrative.

Game producer Takumi Shiraishi has this to say about this project:

As you might have guessed from the title, this is a new version of [Dragon Quest X Online] that you don’t need an internet connection to play.

We’re looking to create an easy-to-pick-up, easy-to-play standalone version of Dragon Quest X—and as you saw in the promotional video, one with a completely different version style to its online cousin.

With these super-deformed, pixel art visuals, we’re aiming for a style that’s as nostalgic as it is charming.

And of course, it isn’t only the visuals that have changed, but I’ll save the full details for a future announcement.

As for when we plan to release the game in Japan, all of our team is working as hard as they can to get it to you as early as possible in 2022. I hope you’re excited about it as we are. Bye for now!