[04/04] Final Fantasy V Is Headed To Game Archives In Japan

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Dec 30, 2007
We haven’t had any PSOne Classics on the PlayStation Store in a couple of weeks, but Square Enix are still pouring content out in Japan. Next up on the schedule is Final Fantasy V.

Square Enix producer, Shinji Hashimoto, tweeted the news just a while ago. Final Fantasy V will hit Game Archives on April 6th, and will cost 1,200 yen. Hashimoto says the game will take up 150 MB of space.

Source: Siliconera
lol, it's always as if they ashamed of FFV.

Like "yeah, yeah... hold this fucker until the very last minute".
This a good thing. All old school games should be available for everyone to enjoy, from old school gamers to next gen gamers. Gives the opportunity to relive past moments and play great games from the old school eras.
I don't know about anyone else, but Final Fantasy V had one of my favorite battle systems. The story was ehhhhh, but the battle system was what made the game worth playing.

Krile :)
Meh, I didn't really like FFV so I don't plan on playing it again anytime soon. So I don't really care about this.
Someone said that FFV is getting CGI cutscenes. Is this true?

I imagine so. The one being released on PSN would certainly be the PSone re-release years ago that had new CGI cutscenes included, so it's pretty likely that this release will retain them.
It's good that Square Enix is releasing it's back catalog digitally. I wouldn't be surprised if their goal was to get all the Final Fantasies on PSN. Now I wonder how long till X, X-2, and XII in HD?

Meh, I didn't really like FFV so I don't plan on playing it again anytime soon. So I don't really care about this.
Cool story bro.
FFV before Chrono Cross Sqaure?

Who's running the company now...blind stupid monkeys? :rage:
It's good that we live in the era of digital archiving;there's no telling what awesome books have been lost to the sands of time,but we needn't lose any classic works ever again.So I'm glad Square's saving this game for posterity.
Ah. Final Fantasy V. First old school Final Fantasy game I played alongside VI. I liked the Pirate the best personally.
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