1. V

    I'm remaking the Final Fantasy (1) soundtrack

    Hey all! Since 2013 I've been working, on and off, on some music projects. One of them is remaking the soundtrack from Final Fantasy 1. It has very simple, though extremely recognizable and fun tunes. I'm now putting them on Youtube, to share it with other fans :) Have a listen! Cornelia...
  2. JivelyGames

    Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 - Insane Difficulty

    Hi there everyone! I've started a new project: Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 is a hard-type mod found on ngplus under the Insane Difficulty Archives. Following is the description of the mod: "Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 is a difficulty and content modification for Final Fantasy Tactics. The primary...
  3. JivelyGames

    Twitch Jively's Final Fantasy streaming thread

    Hello, everyone! I recently introduced myself and my channel in the intro section of the forum:!-My-name-is-Jively-and-I-ve-been-streaming-Final-Fantasy-games?p=1120551#post1120551 I figured, rather than being redundant, it would be better...
  4. Ryatta

    The Lightning Saga (and other youtube thumbnail art)

    I've included them as attachments as well.. I intend to do more of them as I do more videos.. Kingdom Hearts one next I think :) For my FF13 Case Study series You guessed it.. a DMC based series! :) Love to know your thoughts though as while I make loads of generic thumbnails for videos I...
  5. Ryatta

    Reviews Final Fantasy XIII Series Analysis

    For anyone who read my introductory thread in the forums this is the video series I turned my dissertation on FFXIII into, I hope you find it interesting. Though the first video looks old now buy quality standards by the Lightning Returns on I've got a more refined style for doing these sorts of...
  6. Sprout

    YouTube FFF Member YouTube Channels

    Hey all, here's where you can advertise your YouTube channels and rake in the views! I'll keep a list here and update it every now and again. If you can include a link to your YouTube channel in your post along with the username you use over there. A quick summary of what your channel is about...
  7. ravensong

    Mystic Quest!

    Hey guys! Are there any fans of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest here? I've been watching this let's play of it by this new channel, No Nostalgia Filter, and it's quite hilarious. I thought maybe some of you guys here might enjoy watching it as well. This is the latest video in the Mystic Quest series...
  8. GothicSyn

    Playstation PS4 Youtube CE-33126-5 Error Fix

    I already posted this on the PS Forums but for those having an Issue with getting Youtube to stream on PS4 encountering Error CE-33126-5. The solution for me seems to be clearing all text in the streams Description box, if I don't do this I get the error, after doing this the stream will fire...
  9. S

    Final Fantasy Music Cover Songs

    Hey all, I just joined the site, and figured that, other than spending most of my time in VI/VIII forums, I'd start a nifty little topic here regarding FF cover songs. I'm a musician and have been uploading VGM covers since earlier in the year, and my latest one is "Premonition" from FFVIII! I'd...
  10. Praygon

    Honest critique on my youtube channel

    Evening/morning/merry Friday guys & girls I'm not entirely sure if this is the right section to post lets play related youtube videos so if this is wrong then any mods feel free to move it. Anyway I started a youtube channel about a year ago with a buddy of mine just as something to dick around...
  11. Sprout

    A New Youtube Banner Request!

    Hey talented peoples, I need a Youtube banner for my channel that includes FF8 and 9 characters, and it needs to be green, no matter what :) . It also needs "Let's Play With greenyxi" in there somewhere. I realise this is quite a lot of content for such a small rectangle but...please give it a...
  12. C

    Anyone care for another channel?

    Hi everybody, I'm ConZa... pretty much everywhere I go on the Internet/everywhere i play games, if not I'm ConZatheGolem or Migliest. I joined the other day because I LOVE Final Fantasy as I'm sure all of you do, I'm not an FF completionist though. In fact I've beaten 4 Final Fantasy Games and...
  13. F

    Resonaga: Final Fantasy Piano YouTube Channel

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums but a big FF fan. I wanted to take the opportunity to show off my YouTube channel for video game and anime music, Resonaga. I'm an aspiring video game composer, but I also love performing video game music! Right now there are only Final Fantasy...
  14. K

    Blind Let's Play of FF7

    I recently started doing blind Let's Plays for all the FFs on PSX, and I started with FF7. Check out my channel and my Let's Play so far and tell me what you think? Also drop me some likes and subscribe if you want to see more Let's Plays from me. Thank you everyone...
  15. K

    What's up everyone?

    Thought it'd be appropriate to introduce myself before posting things. I recently started doing blind Let's Plays for all the FFs on PSX, and I started with FF7. Check out my channel and my Let's Play so far and tell me what you think? Also drop me some likes and subscribe if you want to see...
  16. S

    Tifa Lockhart cosplay!

    I'd like to share this Final Fantasy theme video! I hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think!
  17. S

    Youtube and Facebook pages

    Hey I posted something a few months ago for my page on facebook so im posting it again and I'm now gonna also post my youtube page. This is my newest video. Youtube video: Facebook page: -my face- tell me what you think of my videos.
  18. Sprout

    Request! Final Fantasy 9 Youtube Channel Theme!

    Hey folks, I've been looking at my youtube channel background (wallpaper/theme?) and thinking "daaaamn, that's a boring page!". Soooo, I was hoping that someone would be so kind as to make me a Final Fantasy IX based youtube channel theme based around the characters. As an example of something...
  19. AuronX

    Real-life Final Fantasy Spoof/Parody Thread!

    It just occurred to me that there are a lot of great real-life Final Fantasy spoofs/parodies out there on the interwebs, and when I came across the one you see below, I thought "Hey, why not make a whole thread of videos like these?" So here's what you do: if you find these kinds of videos...
  20. AerithG

    Marble Hornets

    I didn't find a thread for this, so if there is one, please feel free to lock and redirect. Marble Hornets is an ongoing YouTube series created by Troy Wagner and Joseph DeLage. It pretty much is about this guy named Jay who, with his friend Alex, are film school students and are working on a...