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  1. Dionysos

    KHIII Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMIND

    Has anyone played this DLC yet? If so, what are your thoughts about it? Do you recommend it? Despite some significant flaws I enjoyed the base game of Kingdom Hearts 3, so I would like to play the DLC at some point in the near future. My hurdle is my gaming backlog and I'm trying to suss out...
  2. Dionysos

    Can you guess the next Kingdom Hearts game?!

    Square Enix have challenged us to 'guess' the next Kingdom Hearts project. It very much reminds me of this Father Ted scene: We have until January 28th to make our guesses, so I figured that if anyone wants to guess then I can put some of your guesses out there using the FFF Twitter...
  3. sorathronev3.gif


    Kingdom Hearts: The Crown and The Throne Signature [Sora] [Practicing .GIF text animations]
  4. Dionysos

    KHIII Post your Gummiphone photos!

    Whether or not you are fond of it, one of the most memorable new features introduced in KH3 has been the Gummiphone which allows you to take photographs and selfies of the characters and environments of the game. Have you utilised this feature for things other than finding hidden Mickeys (AKA...
  5. A

    Learn the Alphabet with Kingdom Hearts

    Learn The Alphabet with Kingdom Hearts I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it! Went through the emotional ringer compiling these Kingdom Hearts clips and some where difficult to pick, there were plenty of great lines. Happy Holidays!
  6. Ryatta

    Reviews Kingdom Hearts 2; Critical Analysis

    My long awaited.. hopefully.. study on KH2. Same kind of thing as with the FFXIII videos.. long. so bring a sandwich
  7. Ryatta

    KHII Your thoughts on Kingdom Hearts 2

    Hey! I'm just wondering what everyone who's played KH2 thinks of it.. I've played though several times over the years and my opinion has shifted alot. I loved it as a kid, found it very style over substance as an adult yet on replaying on critical + and tackeling the Final Mix content I've...
  8. Urzu 6

    KH Charity Stream for Nepal

    Hey, guys. Some good friends of mine will be playing Kingdom Hearts tomorrow (May 2) at 12 pm EST to raise donations for UNICEF's Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund. Since a 7.8 magnitude quake hit near Nepal's capital of Kathmandu, the causalities have been in the thousands and people are in...
  9. Guipradi

    My Dissidia 012: Kingdom Hearts Mods. EPIC Montage

    I made this several weeks ago when I discovered how to mod Dissidia 012. And for my surprise it was awesomely great. But fun goes in a bit, thw wish for character slots is almost necessary at least for my enthusiasm. But I got Sora in there now. Anyways. I would like to see some montages you've...
  10. Davey Gaga

    [10/03] SE Conducts Kingdom Hearts Survey

    Square-Enix have launched a worldwide survey for players of the beloved Kingdom Hearts series to complete. In it, you're asked about what first attracted you to the series, which titles you own, which types of games you like, what features you'd like to see in future Collector's Editions -...

    KH Spinoffs Birth By Sleep ~Volume Two~ [Some Spoilers]

    [Right, so I'm probably late coming into this, as I'm guessing some or a lot of you have already heard of this. :unsure: Still, figured since I can't find anything other than people's random theories or 'want lists' on a lot of other sites it'd be worth it to post this on a site I know I can get...
  12. F

    A shift from Final Fantasy?

    There were no classic characters in Birth by Sleep, Dream Drop Distance, or Days. That's kinda sad for a crossover. It's like missing a third of the game.
  13. S

    Youtube and Facebook pages

    Hey I posted something a few months ago for my page on facebook so im posting it again and I'm now gonna also post my youtube page. This is my newest video. Youtube video: Facebook page: -my face- tell me what you think of my videos.
  14. Gingerbread Lesbian

    [30/01] Nomura teases a new Square Enix game

    Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts producer Tetsuya Nomura has hinted at an unrevealed project in the works at Square Enix. Speaking to Famitsu, as translated by, Nomura asked fans to stay tuned for more news on the 1st Production Department’s projects, and then dropped this little...
  15. Gingerbread Lesbian

    [27/01] Kingdom Hearts Anniversary Box Includes Three Kingdom Hearts Games (+ Logo Reveal)

    Square Enix announced the "Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Box" for Kingdom Hearts 3D last week, but did not say what goodies we'd find inside. The details came today. The box includes three games: Kingdom Hearts 3D, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded (the latter two are for...
  16. Rey

    [21/10] Square Enix Fans Might Recognize This Song In Kingdom Hearts 3D’s New Trailer

    Nintendo showed off a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance at their Nintendo 3DS presentation. While it contains a lot footage from the Tokyo Game Show trailer, there are some new scenes in there as well. Oh, and a neat song you might like: Source: Siliconera
  17. B

    ff13 versus a more serious version of kh?

    i you guys haven't already know there is ff 13 versus coming out soon Original Subbed So anyone's thoughts on ff 13 versus? Is it going to be a more serious version of kingdom hearts? And from the trailer...
  18. Gingerbread Lesbian

    [09/08] Playable Kingdom Hearts 3D Planned for TGS; "HD Test" Planned for Series Anniversary

    [09/08] Playable Kingdom Hearts 3D Planned for TGS; "HD Test" Planned for Series Anniversary We know that Final Fantasy Versus XIII won't be at the Tokyo Game Show (in case you didn't know, read this story). So what will Square Enix be showing in its booth (besides Assassin's Creed...
  19. Linnaete

    [01/08] Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance To Have Controllable Event Scenes, Too

    A couple of weeks ago, [Siliconera] reported a few details from a Famitsu magazine interview with Tetsuya Nomura, discussing the Kingdom Hearts games and what’s next for the series’ story. That interview has been translated by SQEX GAL. Speaking to what Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance’s...
  20. Gingerbread Lesbian

    [27/07] Japan Wants PSP Remasters of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy

    Capcom is kicking off Sony's PSP Remaster program with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Sony may want to consider targeting a different publisher for the next entry in the series. In a poll featured in this week's Famitsu, Square Enix's games topped the request list for PSP Remaster titles. Amongst...