final fantasy xv

  1. rowe

    Elemancy Station

    So, I figured: there are so many possible way to mess with elemancy. Why not start a list of mixes and their results? Of course the first one is just an example I came across, but feel free to post your finds, and let's get them on the list. (Mods and admins: feel free to edit this, too...
  2. rowe

    Your Platinum Demo critter

    So, in the Platinum Demo, we played a young Noctis in a dream world, and leading him was a familiar looking critter from the Final Fantasy series. At the end of this demo, we got the chance to name said critter. What'd you decide to name yours, and has he helped you at all in the full FFXV game...
  3. rowe

    Season Pass

    Has anyone gotten this? I downloaded the digital copy that came with the season pass. If I'm to understand right, it'll grant access to the other bros' episodes, and the multiplayer DLC down the road? :hmm: Regardless, I'm just hoping it was worth the extra cash. :lew:
  4. rowe


    As we know, Ascension is where the characters really develop; from teamwork, to powering up elemancy and the Armiger, and even providing perks when it comes to exploration. So, where did you start developing? What area was your primary focus throughout the game? What area didn't matter much to...
  5. R

    Live drunk stream of Final Fantasy XV

    Check out the twitch. Hes got at least 5 more hours to go.
  6. rowe

    For those with a Playstation 4 Pro and 4K TV

    Is the visual upgrade worth it? Is it like night and day between HD and 4K visuals for this game? Oh, and care to share screenshots of said 4K greatness? :)
  7. rowe

    Royal Arms preference.

    Which of the Royal Arms are your favorite to use in battle, and what about them is appealing? (Considering that you've found them, since some are optional.)
  8. rowe

    Let's Review: Final Fantasy XV

    Let's give some well thought out reviews of the game. Was the story great or lackluster? How were the characters? Was the battle system amazing, or confusing? Go ahead, we want to hear (read?) your detailed thoughts. :grin:
  9. Guipradi

    My Dissidia 012: Kingdom Hearts Mods. EPIC Montage

    I made this several weeks ago when I discovered how to mod Dissidia 012. And for my surprise it was awesomely great. But fun goes in a bit, thw wish for character slots is almost necessary at least for my enthusiasm. But I got Sora in there now. Anyways. I would like to see some montages you've...
  10. rowe

    Multi-platform thoughts

    Now that it's being released for both the Xbox One and Playstation 4, I'm curious to know if anyone thinks that's a good move (or not). (Or just your thoughts in general.) To me, it's not a bad thing. It'll widen the audience that much more for those who prefer one console over the other.
  11. Razberry Knight

    [11/06] Final Fantasy Versus XIII confirmed as Final Fantasy XV

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII*is alive! Square Enix showed a new gameplay trailer for the game at Sony’s E3 press conference this evening and revealed that the game is titled*Final Fantasy XV*and is coming to PlayStation 4.*Square Enix did not specify if the game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive title...
  12. 王 Yoshida

    Final Fantasy XV made by SquareEnix's new LA division? [11/4]

    The annual CEDEC development conference is not known for major announcements. But Square Enix's Yosuke Shiokawa and Yuki Matsuzawa brought a surprise to their session today in Yokohama. Shiokawa served as director on Dissidia Final Fantasy. Matsuzawa was concept artist for Final Fantasy XIII...
  13. moogling

    Square Enix tossing ideas for Final Fantasy XV

    Final Fantasy XIII is almost out the door in the West, Final Fantasy XIV in lined up for sometime later this year, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Agito XIII are to come some time after. You’d think Square Enix would relax with the Final Fantasy until everything announced is in consumers...