1. megakyle83

    Final Fantasy 7 Cloud Strife Wall Scroll

    Hello, I have an old wall scroll and I am trying to determine it's value and sell it. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.
  2. cmarabate

    "Who was in your party?" FFVII Shirt Designs

    Here are is small selection my Final Fantasy VII "Who was in your party?" shirt designs. I literally made 2 versions of each party combination. My personal favorite party combination was Cloud, Cid, and Vincent. Who was in your party?
  3. GothicSyn

    A Colliding Opinion

    So I've recently had several conversations with a friend as he tries to match me in terms of Final Fantasy games, so much so when I collected the Final Fantasy X Plat his reply was "If you can do it, it can't be that hard" So he bought the game and has done nothing but complain since. Don't...
  4. S

    Help Limit Breaks - ??

    I earned the first two limit breaks in Clouds Level 1 set, but now that I've set his limit to Blade Beam, can I never use Braver or Cross Slash again? Is it like that for every level up in limit breaks??
  5. D

    original 1997 kotobukiya first edition 1/8th scale resin sephiroth statue

    As the description reads, I am in possession of an original 1st edition 1/8th resin kotobukiya 1/8th scale sephiroth statue. I bought this in 1997 and it is in very good condition still in original box. just seeing if anyone is interested in this before i kick it over to ebay. send message if...
  6. F

    FFVII Revised Script

    Hi, I'm a college student double majoring in 4d studio art (film) and cinema studies as well as taking fiction writing and screenplay courses. So like most of you I have also been obsessed with wanting Square Enix to remake this amazing game. Since that doesn't seem as likely as we all...
  7. A

    Final Fantasy 7 guides

    Hello Im a long time final fantasy fan, more or less since i could first turn on a computer. Im looking to finish off my collection now but I would like to know the difference between these two guides...
  8. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged

    PLEASE NOTE: We realize that the SonsOfSatire had already started their version called "Final Fantasy VII: The Abridged Series." Their series, however, has not updated since July of 2010 with no sign of continuing. As such, we believe a video game so greatly renowned deserves to be finished...
  9. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged - Episode 9 - "Homeward Cloud"

    Guess what's up on our YouTube channel and rarin' ta go! Want to see our previous episodes? Sure, here you go! As always, please be sure to click the Like and Subscribe buttons if you enjoyed our video. It helps us know that we're doing well and that you guys want us to continue. The Final...
  10. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged - Blooper Reel!

    A collection of unused voice clips that demonstrate how our LUCK is not our highest stat here at Final Fantasy VII: Abridged... As always, if you found this video (or any of our videos) enjoyable, please be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Final Fantasy is owned by Square-Enix and Hironobu...
  11. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged Valentine's Day Special! (Speed Dating)

    Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone! Hope you guys enjoy our special! Make sure to like and subscribe to our channel if you enjoy our videos! That way, we know to keep making 'em! Thanks for watching!
  12. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged - Episode 8 - "The Cloudshank Redemption"

    It's ready! As always, SquarEnix owns Final Fantasy, while we just own this video. We also remind those of you playing the home version that this is strictly a fan-based parody. If you like this, please show us that you do by clicking the button of the same title ("Like,") and tell your...
  13. T

    FF7 theme for Android phones

    Hello, It seems a FF VII fan made an awesome theme for Android phones! The theme includes 22 different images for users to choose from. The theme itself looks great, if you are bored of your standard home screen you will like it. This FF7 theme works for all Android phones running Android...
  14. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged - Episode 6- "Get Off Of My Cloud"

    Episode 6 is rarin' to go! If you like this, please show it by "Liking" it. Also, support the official release, as this would not be possible without SquarEnix or Sony. All rights reserved, fan-based parody, and what not. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBt9NnoluKc&feature=plcp
  15. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged - Episode 4 - "Cloud Incorporated"

    Episode 4 is up and running. Hope you enjoy! If you like this and want to see more, please Like and Subscribe. Thanks for watching! Final Fantasy is owned by SquarEnix. We make no claim of ownership to the series or any part of the series. This is simply a fan-based parody.
  16. K

    What's up everyone?

    Thought it'd be appropriate to introduce myself before posting things. I recently started doing blind Let's Plays for all the FFs on PSX, and I started with FF7. Check out my channel and my Let's Play so far and tell me what you think? Also drop me some likes and subscribe if you want to see...
  17. AuronX

    Why the Final Fantasy VII Obsession Needs to End...Now.

    For Final Fantasy fans, it is no secret that the seventh installment of the series is widely regarded as the best the long-running name has to offer, with many going so far as to say that it is the best game ever created. Released in 1997 for the original Playstation, Final Fantasy VII...
  18. R

    Help [FF7PC] Game freezes at a point, need someone to play past it for me. (City of Ancients 2nd visit)

    Hi. I registered here just to sort out this problem I have with my FF7 on the PC. I'm close to finishing the game and would really hate to stop playing here just because the game gives me a black screen. I'm at the part where you visit the Forgotten Capital for the 2nd time with Bugenhagen. He...