FFVII Revised Script

Jul 8, 2014
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I'm a college student double majoring in 4d studio art (film) and cinema studies as well as taking fiction writing and screenplay courses.
So like most of you I have also been obsessed with wanting Square Enix to remake this amazing game. Since that doesn't seem as likely as we all thought it did when we first saw that tech demo in 2005 for PS3, I've decided to try and take some of my own measures into hand. While pursuing my masters degree in a couple years I hope to get either an internship or job working in the gaming industry. My biggest dream (a little overly ambitious) would be able to get myself into a position one day so I can make a plea to help get this game remade.

So I decided to go ahead and get started now. The past few days, on top of learning new programs in game and visual design, I have been rewriting the entire games script from start to finish. If this game is to be remade, the script is naturally were you would have to start. Luckily someone else had already copied the entire original script and posted it online, as well as optional dialogue.

I wanted to post the revisions I made to the opening scenes on here and see what you guys think as fans of the series. Please let me know what other kind of dialogue changes you would like to see outside of fixing up the dumbed down or confusing parts of it.

Here is a link to the original that I pulled: original script

and I have attached a PDF of the revisions version.

Now the differences aren't too crazy just yet, but side by side you will notice them, especially trying to pull away Barret's phonetically stereotyped lines and getting rid of pointless dialogue, as well as rewording characters responses to each other so that they make more sense. The further in the game it gets, the more I am noticing the poor execution of the dialogue and storyline. So if you are wondering why the changes aren't more drastic, it's because the beginning of the game doesn't need it as much as later parts.

Also, I will only be posting this first scene. I don't want someone to potentially try and steal anything I have done, so please be curtious.


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