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  1. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Seth Green Shills Dragon Quest IX [6/29]

    Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies has an unlikely spokesperson in North America. Nintendo of America picked Robot Chicken creator Seth Green for the game’s TV commercials. Source: Siliconera
  2. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels Of The Starry Skies Reveal E3 Debut Trailer [6/8]

    Nintendo is starting to ramp up marketing for Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. If you weren’t aware, the Nintendo DS game approaches stores on July 11. They just sent over this new English trailer, which is spiced up with gorgeous animated scenes. Nintendo wisely gave a nod...
  3. moogling

    Dragon Quest IX Celebrates The Birth Of Dragon Quest

    The Wi-Fi shopping store in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies has a special message for Dragon Quest fans. Roxanne says, “Twenty four years ago on May 27, the Famicom version of Dragon Quest was released.” That’s right, Dragon Quest is 24 today which means its one year away from...
  4. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Dragon Quest IX Placed in the Book of Guinness [5/20]

    I've been trying for the longest time to figure out what English to use for that DS feature that the Japanese refer to as "surechigai." I think I'll go with what the folks at Guinness (and probably Square Enix) have decided on: Chance Encounter. The reason Guinness has concerned itself with...
  5. moogling

    Dragon Quest IX’s Localization Looks Something Like This

    Along with the July 11 release date, Nintendo sent out the first batch of English Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies screenshots. While story screenshots aren’t in the batch, the item descriptions are flavored with puns like “driller pillar” and extra “u”s. Seems like the...
  6. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Dragon Quest IX to launch on July 23 in Europe [5/19]

    Nintendo’s announced it’s to release Dragon Quest IX in Europe on July 23. The DS RPG is being published in the west by the firm, with developer Square Enix stepping aside from publishing duties, as announced back in February. Square announced yesterday the game had sold 4.26 million...
  7. Gingerbread Lesbian

    New Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 and Dragon Quest IX scans [5/14]

    Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2: Dragon Quest IX (how are there still new scans of this coming out?) and Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road Legend (Arcade): Source: RPGLand
  8. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Various Dragon Quest Scans [4/20]

    Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 (DS) Dragon Quest VI, IX, and Monster Battle Road Legend (DS, DS, and Arcade…which isn’t handheld, but it’s on the same pages so ah…yeah) Source: RPGLand
  9. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Links With Dragon Quest IX [4/17]

    Square Enix is crossing over its Dragon Quests in ways that can't possibly be legal. This week's Jump reveals some connectivity between the upcoming Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 and the already released Dragon Quest IX and Dragon Quest VI. In addition to the Dragon Quest name and beasts, these...
  10. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Square Enix Announces Dragon Quest IX International Announcement In Japan

    Square Enix usually doesn't notify the local media when a game that's already out in Japan sees release in another country. Of course, Dragon Quest IX is no ordinary game, and so Square Enix was sure to issue a press statement about the game's recent confirmation for overseas release. As...
  11. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Dragon Quest IX confirmed for Europe this “summer” [2/25]

    Nintendo just confirmed that it’ll publish Dragon Quest IX for DS in Europe this summer. The news follows the announcement that Nintendo of America would publish the game Stateside this summer last night. No exact date was given. The RPG was released in July of last year in Japan, with over...
  12. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Dragon Quest IX to get North American release this summer [2/24]

    Dragon Quest IX has just been announced for a North American release by Nintendo. The company, and not original publisher Square Enix, will publish the title in the US for DS. Nintendo and Square called the deal a “unique partnership” in a press release just sent by NoA. No more information...
  13. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Dragon Quest IX bar opens in Japan, new arcade machines up [2/23]

    The Dragon Quest IX-themed bar “Luda’s” in Roppongi (Tokyo) recently welcomed its first customers, many of whom enjoyed making silly faces at cameras and sexually harassing the barmaids while pretending they were characters in a grind-heavy RPG. Patrons enjoyed linking up for some DQIX...
  14. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Dragon Quest IX Ultimate Hits Gets Special Bonus Item

    Most budget re-releases are just the original version of the game repackaged as ugly as possible in order to shame buyers for not having enough money to buy games full priced. But Dragon Quest IX is no ordinary game, and will thus not be getting the standard treatment for its budget re-release...
  15. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Dragon Quest VI and IX screenshots [2/12]

    The Dragon Quest VI (DS)remake is a new, hot item in the Japanese marketplace, and screens of part IX (also DS) keep coming around. And screens of Dragon Quest IX keep emerging: Source: RPGLand
  16. Gingerbread Lesbian

    More Dragon Quest IX Concerts, Symphonic Suite CD Out [2/12]

    Two whole concerts dedicated solely to Dragon Quest IX wasn't enough. Composer Koichi Sugiyama is hosting another concert this month, right around the same time that the official orchestral arrangement album is hitting the market in Japan. Fans in Japan can check out the third show on February...
  17. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Dragon Quest IX Bar Opening in Roppongi

    More, not really news but interesting nonetheless. In Dragon Quest IX, Ludia's Bar (often written as "Rudia's Pub") is a place players go to create party members and access the game's many network functions. Square Enix is teaming up with karaoke bar Pasela to bring Ludia's Bar to real life...
  18. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Dragon Quest IX Becomes Best Selling DQ Ever

    Square Enix announced today that domestic shipments for Dragon Quest IX have crossed the 4.15 million mark. An announcement for 4 million would be understandable. An announcement for 4.5 million, sure. But 4.15 million? The reason this particular figure was chosen is because it represents the...
  19. Sir Kenneth

    Perfect Famitsu score for DQ IX

    I have to admit that I don't always agree with Famitsu's reviewers. I can't for the sake of my life figure out why they gave Final Fantasy XII a perfect score for example. They did however also give Vagrant Story which is one of my favourite PS1 games a perfect score, so I choose to be...
  20. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Dragon Quest IX Definitely Coming 11th of July

    Dragon Quest IX has been nothing but a catalogue of errors for Square Enix, as the game was initially planned for release in 2007. Despite this, here we are in mid-2009 and the game still hasn't been released. Most recently, the game was officially penned in for the 28th of March, 2009, after...