1. Dionysos

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Commercial

    This has been doing the rounds a bit recently but I've not seen anyone discuss it here yet. Here is a Japanese commercial for the FFVII Remake (translated by hickorydickoryhk). It's not a trailer and it does not show of gameplay, but instead focuses on the human story of the people who played...
  2. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Seth Green Shills Dragon Quest IX [6/29]

    Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies has an unlikely spokesperson in North America. Nintendo of America picked Robot Chicken creator Seth Green for the game’s TV commercials. Source: Siliconera
  3. Gingerbread Lesbian

    FFXIII gets 360-exclusive UK TV ad [3/3]

    Square Enix has just sent us the UK TV ad for Final Fantasy XIII. The promo shows new segments from the RPG not seen in previous trailers. And Leona Lewis. The US TV ad was revealed last month, which showed the 360 version only. It’s the same with the UK spot as well. Final Fantasy...
  4. Gingerbread Lesbian

    New Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Commercial!

    A new Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep commercial has just been released. Pretty epic if I do say so!
  5. Gingerbread Lesbian

    New Final Fantasy XIII "Battle" HD TV Spot

    Another new Final Fantasy XIII TV Spot has aired on Japanese TV today during the Final Fantasy XIII Special Program which aired 40 minutes ago. The program was streamed live on but unfortunately the adverts were the most interesting part. The commercial includes a few seconds of new...
  6. moogling

    Square Enix releases new Final Fantasy XIII gameplay commercial

    Square Enix have released another new FF13 TV commercial in Japan, this time entirely made from gameplay - there's no fancy CGI here - just fancy in-game footage! Check it out below. Source: N4G
  7. Gingerbread Lesbian

    FFXIII Japanese TV ads shows teacher skipping school

    Square’s been showing the first TV commercials for Final Fantasy XIII before it’s Japanese release in a couple of weeks on December 17. The first one only mostly shows stuff from the recent trailer last week, while the second ad shows a teacher telling his class he will be taking a period of...