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    Heeeeey! Long time no see how are ya? :)

    Heeeeey! Long time no see how are ya? :)
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    What a loser.

    sigh. here is a whole page on the number. And Six, I don't know the person. and Personally, I have a lot of respect for privacy, but when I get pissed off I do drastic things. In this case pissed off is being called 2-5 times every day for the last...
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    What a loser.

    Then why the hell do they keep calling me like that..... fml Update: It's a company called like LI interstate. Me being the smart person I am google'd the number. Thinking about sueing them, as they've been calling for nearly a month with no response to anything. So don't call.
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    What a loser.

    It's not a collection Agency -.- lol mkay well anyways. nice meeting you all :o No success here.... maybe I'll put it on 4chan later =3 have fun ya'll. lol and seriously licky.... I just want to tell you..... hey wassup. XD I'm off for tonight later ;)
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    What a loser.

    Bu-bu-bu-but... D: hmmm if it was a collection agency, it wouldn't be a cell number :angry: ... wait that didn't make any sense.... *facepalm*
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    Hmmm I believe it is Jill :o

    Hmmm I believe it is Jill :o
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    No prob minzhi :) I've ben neglecting to get on recently lol..... I need to fix this...

    No prob minzhi :) I've ben neglecting to get on recently lol..... I need to fix this. desperately. D:
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    What a loser.

    Touche. I haven't been on much for the past while. So go ahead do what you like. :) I have good friends though from when I used to be on 24/7 XD But yeah. IF you don't want to, fine don't. I'm not forcing anyone :P
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    What a loser.

    No... I don't think it is :wtf: They're more official than that. :tehe: Sorry for double post x.x
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    What a loser.

    Licky I hope you know... she's been calling me for the past 3 weeks 2 to 4 times a day. Whenever I actually answer, she hangs up. so This is my way of getting back. It's a simple little thing called revenge. :)
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    What a loser.

    1-877-375-6990 This loser has been calling me every day at least twice. Only one reason why I suppose- TO GET LAID. Screw with her all you like guys. :) Texting or calling is perfectly fine. just teach her not to call V.I.P.s like me lol Update: It's a company called like LI interstate. Me...
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    I liked it and found it really useful at times like you, however it was a little annoying at times when it keep doing things you don't want it to do. So essentially it's next to impossible to set up a perfect/invincible one, because of all the errors that can occur.
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    Pooh and Piglet sing about inappropriate touching

    At 5:50 they start tee-bagging the ground xD
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    Ask a Stupid Question, get a Stupid Answer

    Because he's afraid Bugs will bite his toes. Why does Cloud hate sephiroth?
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    People Are Stupid

    Apologies to everyone I may/may not have offended.... I've been really pissed off lately :( sorry to everyone Mods you can lock this thread now if you wish