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  • lol like i said before, they're minor characters, they're just there for their fight. That's the only time you'll have to use them

    I was considering bringing them back, but I'll ship to BCT/AIT this summer and won't be on for a few months so I don't know who I'll love in charge. :(
    Sp I'm boreddddddddd...and need another person to annnoooyyy~~~~ Unless you have an objection? xD
    Oh soooooo are you ever on AOL -extremely curious (aka nosy) person- And you can have them. I'm not gonna use them any time soon. :3
    Donate? What can you do for me? xD Joking...lemme see how many I have. I only have 96. Not enough. D: And why are you offline? I wanted to talk to yaoi master. xD
    Okay I think I added you but it says your offline..or maybe I didn't. How do you add people on Aol? -is stupid- :3
    I quite enjoy you and your yaoi. I'd like more. You got an MSN or anything like that?
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