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    Article: Everything from today's London Active Time Report

    I have been following all the news on XV from dualshockers and I am very excited for this game. I haven't been this interested in Final Fantasy since IX.
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    [03/09] Square Enix Bringing games from iOS to Vita, and the rest of the TGS 2014 list

    Final Fantasy XV hasn't been shown since last year at E3. If they don't show it at TGS this game is pretty much dead.
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    How important is FFXV to the future of JRPGs on consoles?

    Japan is predominantly a hand-held country now. Consoles aren't selling as well there. It would take a game of considerable proportions that the Japanese loved and would have to purchase a PS4 for. Most good JRPG's are on their hand-helds. Many in the west don't even get most of their titles...
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    The most tragic death in Final Fantasy?

    Aerith or Aeris if you prefer. Her death in FFVII was tragic. I'm surprised that wasn't the first one posted. Tidus departing was more bittersweet than tragic, after the credits roll in X you see him in water rising to the surface. That's enough for me. I just pretend X-2 doesn't happen...
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    Do you actually like Eyes on me?

    Eyes on Me was one of my favorite main title themes in the Final Fantasy series. It's up there with Melodies of Life from FFIX, and Kiss Me Goodbye from FFXII. I liked other music too from the series but these are my top 3 songs Angela Aki does a really nice version of the song Eyes on Me...
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    [6/6] Hashimoto lied to us (not surprised)

    I thought it was confirmed before that those two games would be there. They may be playing devils advocate. Since Bravely Default did so well they might have gone back to the drawing board. SE did say they would focus on it roots with their RPG games. There are too many games that will be...
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    [14/05] Square on FFVII remake: We’ve got to finish FFXV first, maybe after

    I don't want them to remake it. They will screw it up with atrocious dialogue, poorly skilled voice actors, and change the game-play mechanics. It should be left in the past. The safe way would be to render the pre-rendered background to real time textures, particle effects etc, and create...
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    M rated Final Fantasy and would you want one?

    There was blood in FFVII but just on the walls and floors of the Shinra building on one level. I forget which floor. With what people are getting away with now in ratings I wouldn't be surprised within the next century where T rated games contain M rated content.
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    [V2] Which FF Game are you currently playing?

    I'm back to trying and finish Final Fantasy V. I just beat X-death in his castle. He was a pain in the butt the first time attempting him and he killed me as I was trying to figure out my tactics. I beat him with my second attempt. I was using a Samurai, White Mage, Knight, and Black Mage...
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    General FF Discussion Thread

    I approve this message :monster:
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    Final Fantasy XV General Discussion Thread

    Yeah it's shady at best and not really confirmed. The Japanese sites are real at least. I'll take any info at this point.
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    Final Fantasy XV General Discussion Thread

    I think we might have release dates for this game coming soon. A couple of websites are listing that Final Fantasy XV is now up on the Playstation Japan website and Xbox One Japan website. Playstation Japan: Xbox One Japan...
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    Does FF Lack a sense of resources?

    Good use of the word resource. I understood it. The definition made sense. The games had resources which would be classified also as strategy, the ability to overcome an obstacle along with the attributes and materials the characters used in the games. You mentioned the resources. You...
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    I find the Elder Scrolls games easier too but you might find them as a bore. The Demon Souls...

    I find the Elder Scrolls games easier too but you might find them as a bore. The Demon Souls and Dark Souls games are said to be challenging though I can't comment as I haven't played them yet. There's a bunch of games I haven't played. I turn up the difficulty as much as I can stand when...
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    It's a gift for you. As I'm playing the legacy games I get more of that information of what...

    It's a gift for you. As I'm playing the legacy games I get more of that information of what Squaresoft did and it gets me anxious to go back through VII-IX. I will say I found the exploits of X and on too easy. I took a break from Final Fantasy and I've been playing Skyrim. Do you enjoy the...