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    FFXIII-2 Discussion Thread

    Im not brushing it aside, Ive not completed it yet. Im just saying I didnt think it was well recieved by the Final Fantasy fans.
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    FFXIII-2 Discussion Thread

    I still cant believe its happening! I didnt think the game had done well enough to get a sequel and from what I can remember the last time SE did a sequel, it wasnt recieved well. And yeah her outfit is very Joan of Arc!
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    Multiple Platforms The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

    I need to complete Oblivion!! Had the Game of the Year edition for ages, but not gotten round to finishing it. I dont know much about the Elder Scrolls universe or series, but Skyrim will be purchased lol.
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    How much japanese do you know? Share!

    Im learning still. I love Japan and its culture, so I do want to learn the lingo. Its beautiful and I want to someday go to Japan and not be a divvy tourist! Its difficult, but Im determined. Want to try and do a college or uni course also.
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    [Spoiler] Squall and Rinoa scene

    He blows a rasberry in her face lol. That would be awesome! But sadly I do think they lip lock. Have to have a happy ending dont we lol.
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    How has 2010 been for you?

    Good points: Seeing my dad and family in Australia Getting a new job Getting a new boyfriend Seeing Muse Becoming a freelance blogger for a gaming site Bad points: My ex wanting me, then changing his mind My ex becoming buds with his previous ex My ex finding someone else and keeping it a...
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    Have you matured over time?

    Yes and no. I think I matured too quickly. I can be serious, but can lark about when my mates are around, but most of the time Im the mature, boring one. It pisses me off cause some of my mates are younger then me and mess about with each other and I cant take their jokes or pranks. It upsets me...
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    Are you a fussy eater?

    Wow, nice list Kel. Lets see: Pate, totally agree! Cant stomach it. Lamb, too chewy for me. Beef, again too chewy. Pepperoni, loved it as a kid but cant stand the taste anymore. Fried bread, BLEH!! Kidney beans, so I cant eat chili. Most fish, bar tuna. And Im sure there are more and will...
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    X Factor 2010

    I wasnt too keen on Matt singing Biffy. I dunno, it kinda felt weird hearing them on a show like the X Factor. As Kelly said, the original shits on Matts. But good for him for trying it out. And I do think it sounds better in a Scottish accent lol. If it gets to number 1, then well done for him...
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    YouTube Jedward + Dragon Quest IX?

    Yarp, the damn tools. As a hater of them and a lover of the Dragon Quest series, Im not impressed with Square Enix or whomever came up with the idea of letting those 2 douchebags do this to such a great game!
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    arsehole muslim extremists burn poppies

    It made me sick and pissed off as hell. It angers me that they are students here and we are giving them a chance to have a life in this country which they cant gain anywhere else. Those brave men and women died for us and people need to show damn repsect. Its beyond disgusting.
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    Kesha fans hate GaGa

    I love Gaga and I dont understand why Ke$ha fans dislike her. I mean I did really dislike Gaga when she first appeared as I seen her as an attention seeker. But listening to her music and finding more out about her, I ended up liking her. Ke$ha has something with Jack Daniels IMO lol. I dont...
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    I had the cover of Creep somewhere. Ill have to hunt in my iTunes. My ex was a big RH fan and hated Muse with a passion, so he downloaded that for me and told me it was proof of how shit Muse were. If anything I found it funny that they covered the most popular RH song because so many people...
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    Tis abit late, but good luck out there Busta and stay safe. Will be sad to see you go, but happens to us all I guess. Take care :)
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    Yarp, the gig was beyond F**KING AMAZING!!!!!!!! I myself didnt get a gig poster, always forget lolz. Im surprised I could talk after the gig I was screaming at Matt so much ^_______________________________^