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    A Story of A Love... A CloudxAerith Club

    Surprised I still haven't joined this club. May I?
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    Your Favorite Final Fantasy Character?

    Just too hard to choose. There are so many. I'll try to narrow it down as much as I possibly can. Cloud - because I can relate to him. He has a somewhat of a cold demeanor on the outside, but on the inside it's a sea of emotions. Not to mention that he is fantastic to use in battle. Aeris and...
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    Which Final Fantasy Game Has the Best Music?

    It's a difficult choice, but if I had to narrow it down, then FFVI and FFVII would be my favourite in terms of soundtrack. Coincidentally, they are also my favourite games in the series, so I am not sure, perhaps the soundtrack played a big role in that. I can't really choose though which of the...
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    Random Encounters

    I really don't mind random encounters. Even when I first experienced them (FF7) I actually thought it was a neat idea. Because let's face it - if there are visible monsters on the map, you wouldn't walk into them. That's why it's best if the game decides when it's time to fight. I do have to...
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    Favorite FF Quotes

    "Why do today what you can leave for tomorrow?" Jecht, FFX (I just love the way he reversed the famous saying)
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    I will now create Final Fantasy XV

    ^I actually quite like that one. That would make a nice story and a nice game if done right.
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    [The Spirits Within] So who else wants to pretend this film never existed?

    I can see why people dislike it, but I personally do not. True, it did not feel like Final Fantasy at all. The only parallel with FF franchise it had was the whole planet having a soul idea, equivalent to FF7's lifestream. But other than that it wasn't anything like the series. Still though, in...
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    Help Tonberry and a quick announcement <3

    ^Train inside Sin for a bit. I did some training in the first section first () and then some more training in the second section. Once you feel confident to stroll about the area and take on any enemy encounter, then go to Omega Ruins. The only really bad encounter in Omega Ruins is that the...
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    How much I totally fail at this game.

    ^You can always sort of see what makes sense. Like I wouldn't for example lead Auron down a magic path, because he very obviously is not a magic-based character. Likewise taking Lulu or Yuna down Auron's or Wakka's or even Tidus' paths aren't a good idea either, since they would not need all...
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    oh for the love of crap... (FFX bad moments topic)

    ^Was that 9999 damage with protective magic effects on them? And also how much experience grinding did you do throughout the game?
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    Fan Fiction Terra Branford - The Fiery Rose

    When I am not using any newly acquired espers to get party members to learn a certain skill, I put espers sort of by default on some characters. Like on Sabin I'd put something with Str or HP+ bonuses for each lvl up, etc. For Terra I put Maduin, because it seems only right. :D
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    Did you think to collect all the party members BEFORE going to Kefka's Tower?

    At first I couldn't be bothered getting everyone. I didn't know Kefka's tower required 12 characters (not necessarily 12, but it's the best option really), so I was thinking "Well do I really need Gau, and Mog, and Umaro? I don't think I'll have them in my final party." But then I thought, "Oh...
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    I will now create Final Fantasy XV

    Hehe nice. Well there isn't much I can do, but heck why not. Let's try. The setting: Dominated by evil empire Protagonist: Girly dude Antagonist: Evil Girly dude Plot device: Erm... how about both orbs and crystals?! The evil empire is hunting down rare monsters, which upon death regurgitate...
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    I'm so freaking embarrassed!!!!!

    It really does feel that way. Happened to me yesterday again, but with two demonoliths at Omega ruins. Killed one of them and got the second one to under 1000 health. It waited all that time to then unleash its breath attack and petrify my whole party. And once again, I was literally gonna save...
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    Fan Fiction Terra Branford - The Fiery Rose

    They are cute these pictures. And I must admit, they're drawn really well. That's some talent.