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    Has anyone reached 100% Completion in Final Fantasy XIII

    yes.. it really doesnt take that long at all.. well at least compared to ffxii, where I got all the trophies in the skypirates den..
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    auto battle has some flaws... alternating between strike spells and magic spells in the ravager role for example causes longer delays in boosting the chain gauge... so its better to input the commands initially and then keep pressing the repeat button (for lightning, and sazh espically.)...
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    Cid's FFXIII-2 Q&A booth

    Don't know if this has been asked yet or not but is there a way to identify your enemies weakness when you first encounter them now that the technique libra has been taken out of the game? Like maybe an accessory or something?
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    Alternate CP farming spot

    I found a better cp spot than the behe and dog thing when you get to pulse..... In Mah'bara go down the first route you see that branches to the left... At the very end of that route is a juggernaut (which you cannot kill most likely at that stage of the game) right before the jug is like a 5...
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    Favorite party to use.

    It really depends on the stage you are in the game... for example imo Fang sucks until she learns the good debuffs vanille has, but post game she is by far and away the best character.. end game I like to use Fang, Vanille and Hope though.... It's a really good team (maybe not the technical...
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    Most Annoying Character

    Definitly Yuffie... She steals you're materia, begs for tranquilizers, is obnoxious, stands infront of certain items so you cannot reach them until you come back for them (junon ship), and MIxes up your materia after you get it back.. Just annoying in all aspects.. I have no idea why the never...
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    I really like EOP (the one that was playing with Vanille and Sazh on the rooftop), Hopes theme, the battle theme, and the opening theme.... i really liked the music overall for this game.. LIke I do most final fantasies..
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    FFXII General Discussion

    Hmm well I really really loved the combat of this game.. Probably one of my favorites, the only ff that I have played where you didn't get into a battle scene while fightning.. Loved the Gambit system, I didn't mind the license boards as some of you seemed too... I also really liked the random...
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    Would you like to see another sequel/spinoff to this game?

    Looks like we are getting one whether we like it or not.. FFXIII-2 is set to release this winter in Japan O.o.. Can't wait wonder how this is gonna play out..
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    Does anybody wish Rasler was the main guy instead of Vaan?

    Rossler, Ashes husband would of made a much better main character for this game than Vaan.. He was better looking + he would of added a ton more to the story being Ashes husband/King as opposed to Vaan who provided well.... um, Nothing.. I feel he and Ashe fighting the Archadian Empire...
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    Hatred for Hope

    I think there is no denying that hope is one of, if not the most powerful character in the game.. HIm, vanielle and Fang are my favorite party ever.. They destroy everything with ease..
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    Create your own battle system

    I want them to copy off of eternal sonatas battle system, except expand it more.. Basically its turne based but yet it still involves speed, aim, quick reflexes and strategy.. Only you can use regular spells and summons as well instead of just signatures..
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    Best Moment In FF Ever

    Aerith dying was both the best and worst moment in final fantasy history... Very emotional, watching that scene is enough to make me go emo on my birthday.. a close second was the opera scene in ffvi.. I purposely failed at it so I could watch it again lol..
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    Which Final Fantasy Game Has the Best Storyline?

    I'm gonna have to say ffx.. That game was filled with twists and turns the whole way.. Everything they believed in and stood for turned out to be a lie.. THe twist in the ending the emotional goodbye. Just great.. I loved ffvii, but the story was a little to complicated for me to understand...
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    Is the FF series better without voice-acting?

    No, I love the voice acting.. I'm terrible at pronouncing names and places with voice acting they do it for me... I still have a hard time pronouncing Tifa and Tidus right lol..