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    [17/01] New Lightning Returns Trailer and Screens: Lumina and Noel Featured

    No it's not that history was changed apparently. I read on another site ran by someone who went to the Press event that Noel is not going to be the only past ally you encounter. It has to do with the chaos that was unleashed in the world, it gave them "burdens" and Lightning has to resolve them...
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    [17/01] New Lightning Returns Trailer and Screens: Lumina and Noel Featured

    That white hair! WHY?! Is it just the lighting or is he actually aging in this game haha. I'm a little mixed on this "extended" trailer. They said that it's the really early build of it, but If they have been working on the title as much as they say the have they could've updated the flat...
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    [20/12] Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy Trailer

    Also: I spotted Noel... kinda. I believe that is Noel's arm on the left. It looks like the same weird arm bracelet thing he had in XIII-2.
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    [20/12] Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy Trailer

    I was so excited to see this trailer, especially with Ali Hillis' voice talents on it. I think Luxerion looks to be a pretty cool location, it seems a lot more simple looking in terms of graphics. I also want to comment on seeing Lightning's new default costume in action: I will admit I DO NOT...
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    [17/12] Lightning’s new look to be revealed in Japanese magazines, first details emerge

    I agree, I don't see Lightning being the kind of person to walk around in a leotard... But they showed a lot more skin in XIII-2 then in XIII. I was completely turned off by the XIII-2 costume until the game came out, But now I prefer it over her XIII attire. But the sound of this new design...
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    [03/11] Final Fantasy XIII-2 box art

    I really wanna get the limited edition, but the preorder from best buy on that one doesn't include the novella apparently :/ If anyone cares to shine light on this please let me know.
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    [03/10] Square Enix will release "Omega" as DLC

    I'm still really curious what incentives there are for people with cleared FFXIII data, maybe some DLC, or something. Hoping for either more alternative outfits, and CP bonuses or something.
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    [03/10] Square Enix will release "Omega" as DLC

    This has me torn on where to preorder from. I wanna be able to battle Omega and have it in my party, (I wonder if it's stronger than those damn giant turtles on Pulse) But I'd also like the alternate costume for Serah (assuming it doesn't look as stupid as the one she is already wearing). But...
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    [14/09] Final Fantasy XIII-2 Tokyo Game Show trailer

    Not really fond of this new trailer, Even though it was all new material I feel like I've seen it all already for some reason and I'm not impressed by this one. Hope looks how I pictured him to be, but Snow on the other hand I feel looks COMPLETELY different... I wasn't even sure it was him...
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    FFX-2 International English Patch progress

    I actually have this game (played using swap magic) and beat it not knowing a single word of Japanese. The normal story doesn't change (besides the whole creature capture feature) Which I used to replace Paine with Lulu in my party. I was pretty familiar with the story, and knew it well enough...
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    [25/08] Final Fantasy XIII-2 gets new cinematic PAX trailer

    Well according to Gamestop this game will be out the 1st of january, (I don't think it would be that day considering most titles slapped with a early 20(insert year) date never come out on the day that gamestop predicts. BUT if it is true than all of our questions will be answered when we get...
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    [25/08] Final Fantasy XIII-2 gets new cinematic PAX trailer

    LOL at Serah thinking Lightning would need her help to do anything. I hate how they completely switched their roles, and make Lightning seem like she is as useless as Serah was in the first game. As for Snow, I really thought he was annoying in the first game so I don't mind if he stays...
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    [25/08] Final Fantasy XIII-2 gets new cinematic PAX trailer

    Did anyone else notice that Lebreau's (sp) line changed from "Lightning is dead", to she can't help you or something like that. I'm hoping it's just a new scene, I feel like the previous line was leaving more of an impact on the story in my opinion. I look forward to more information soon...
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    FFXIII-2 Discussion Thread

    Hope should've been given a sweet goatee haha, It'd give him a little more edge. Unfortunately Hope was one of the characters I could not stand in the first game. Hopefully this time around he won't be so whiny, and actually be useful to my party. I hate how this trailer is also pretty much a...
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    [23/08] FFXIII-2 Screens

    The more I see of this game, I still feel it looks exactly like it's original. They're promising all these improvements and changes, but from what they've shown us thus far have not seemed too much of an improvement. I also hate the fact that they go from having a strong female lead (Lightning)...