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    I have returned!

    Hey everyone I dont know if u all remember me or not but I am back finally. lol Its been a while but I am back. lol So watch out cloud Strife has returned. For those who dint know me now know me and here is a lil more on me I am a Master Graphics Guy, Final Fantas Lover, Kingdom Hearts lover...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Help Center

    start gliding and rolling. He was hard no doubt but my advice is do what I did dont stop the attack and instead of having o many potion u also wanna equip ethers.
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    What would you do if...

    here is an idea having an airship! (1) I would destroy him! (2) I would probably have them all and use them all to do what I want! (3) Do the Chicken Dance!
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    Favorite Dressphere

    yeah its cool but there all cool. lol
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    Hardest boss?

    Hmmm well Ansem was to easy Ice Titan way to easy Phantom dead and easy to do Rikku/Ansem hmmmmmmmmmm EASY and Kirt hahahaha that funny. lol I would go with Sephiroth even though he was easy but man forget it on hard mode. lol
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    Kingdom Hearts III

    hell if they have Vincent then the heartless and nobodys are screwed. lol There will be a KH3 as u can see and I am thinking we are goign to see a whole new side of Kairi! ya ya ya!
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    Kingdom Hearts Help Thread

    lol I wish I new just search the net!
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    Favorite Dressphere

    awwwwwwwww I forgot the Black Mage. lol awwwww I remembered alot now. lol I like all of them. lol
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    FFX2 Official strategy Guide

    yea yea yea! I dont have it but I know the game well so can I help!?
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    How many times did you complete the game?

    lol I just done the 13th time like two days ago or whatever. lol U have no idea how boared I was. lol
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    The Gullwings, YRP

    yeha she is great, I mean dont get me wrong Yuna and RIkku are all good as well but I find Paine better. lol
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    Favorite Dressphere

    my favorite is Gunner just that fact that there cool and all, well a Samuri is good as well. I would say Samurai!
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    The Gullwings, YRP

    I liked Paine because she is hecka crazy she has no fear just like Auron but female. lol Its all good there all good but I find Paine to be really cool!
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    what do you think

    Honestly I didnt like the game cause it was all diffrent. Didnt like the battle system the blitizball and most of all the story. The story just didnt cut it but it was okay. lol I mean they were looking for Tidus but when did the dresspheres start and when did Yuna start building her freaking...
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    How many times did you complete the game?

    everyone may think I am crazy but I beat it to about 13 times. No Joke!